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 2013 Issue 1
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Upcoming Events
Drumm Family Dinners
Eggs for Sale
UMB Big Bash Recipients!
Campus Improvements
Our Commitment to Kids
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Upcoming Events:
2013 Drumm Run
Saturday, March 23, 2013 
Unity Village 
9:00 am 

This Place Our Home

Annual Benefit Dinner 


Thursday, May 9th, 2013


This year, keep cool with 

our NEW A/C!




55 percent tax credit  
2013 Tax Credits for Sale  
Contact Brad Smith 
for more information
Drumm Family Dinners

Are you a member of a group or community organization that is looking for Volunteer Opportunities?

Each month, volunteers come to Drumm's Campus and host a Family Dinner, where Drumm staff, Families, Children and Young Adults all come together to enjoy a family style meal.

If you have an interest in being a part of this program, please contact our Program Manager,  
Heather Saak.
Eggs for Sale
Eggs for Sale

Our Free Range Chickens are laying eggs! Eggs are being sold for $3 per dozen.
If you are interested in purchasing farm-fresh eggs, please contact Farm Manager, Lucas Signorelli at 373-3434.
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Andrew Drumm
This month we celebrate the birthday of Andrew Drumm, our founder.  Drumm's legacy lives on in this beautiful campus and the children that inhabit it. As Drumm Center for Children enters its 93rd year of existence, we should never lose sight of the generosity, compassion and forward thinking of Andrew Drumm.

Drumm's Last Will and Testament can be found at my desk, and I refer to it often for guidance and direction.  Written in 1912, Drumm "anticipates" that Independence will become a large municipality, he foresees opportunities to lease land for commercial use (like the Drumm Golf Course), and he predicts a future need to incorporate this organization (which occurred in 2012). 
There is no greater testament to his forward thinking than his choices for the original Board: a pastor, a priest and a rabbi as well as his wife Cordelia, at a time when women were rarely if ever appointed to Boards. Andrew Drumm was born 185 years ago this month but his ongoing impact on children is as alive and vital as it has ever been.



Brad Smith
Executive Director 
Drumm Center for Children
It's Official!
With the help of Drumm's Facebook Friends, we've been chosen as one of the next UMB BIG BASH BENEFICIARIES!

UMB Big Bash 2013
UMB Big Bash was looking for "organizations that are doing big things in the community and leaving a large impact". Drumm Farm Center for Children was chosen as a beneficiary of the UMB Big Bash, to be awarded on June 20, 2013.

We are honored to be chosen and equally honored to have such great friends supporting our efforts to improve the lives of kids. Look for information in the coming months about how this award money will be used to enrich the lives of children and young adults at Drumm.
Construction, Renovation, and Expansion
Logan House undergoes a major renovation to better accommodate families.

Logan Renovation Recently, construction and renovation efforts have begun at Logan House. These efforts will lead to the addition of another foster family and more children at Drumm in the coming months. 

In addition, work around campus will continue as we look to our Master Site Plan to guide our continual improvements. Changes can already been seen and felt; the gym now has a central heating and cooling system! We look forward to the continued transformation of our campus as we serve more and more children and families.
Here at Drumm Farm Center for Children, we are committed to helping foster children reach their case goals in a healthy, effective, and streamlined way. We work to cut down the time that kids are in care by offering high-quality, consistent counseling and parent-aid services, trained professional licensed foster parents, and a network of community supports dedicated to helping achieve individual success for each child.

Contact Us to see how you can be a part of the great things happening here at 

Drumm Farm Center for Children!

Drumm Farm Center for Children is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.