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July 2013
Fighting for Freedom

All throughout July we will see flags waving and fireworks bursting to remind us of our American freedoms. Freedoms that we try not to take for granted. 


While we may be politically "free," one thing our team at Fight Colorectal Cancer recognizes is that

we are not free from disease.

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in America. 


This month as we honor those who've fought for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we also want to remember what's happening on another quest for freedom:  a world free from colon and rectal cancer. 


Enjoy this update from your team at Fight Colorectal Cancer.


Fight Colorectal Cancer's advocates meet with representatives and researchers all throughout the year! 


Advocates Kerranna Williamson and Kristin Keesen advocated for research funding at UC Denver's Medical Campus. They met with colorectal cancer researcher Dr. Gail Eckhardt and Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO)'s staff member, Stephanie Cross.

Dr. Eckhardt is the Principal Investigator on three NIH grants involving early clinical trials, mentoring, and colorectal cancer research and has conducted numerous phase I and II clinical trials. She has published over 150 manuscripts and serves on numerous advisory boards.
Her area of interest is in the preclinical and clinical development of combinations of molecularly targeted compounds, with a laboratory focus on colorectal cancer. 


Fight Colorectal Cancer attended the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference at the end of May to:

  • Learn the latest news in cancer research
  • Promote Fight Colorectal Cancer to conference attendees
  • Speak with numerous individuals and organizations interested in joining us through funding, awareness and cooperative partnerships
Kim Ryan, GAC member Jennifer Bretsch and Emily White

This year, Fight Colorectal Cancer's Nancy Roach (Founder and Chair of the Board), Anjee Davis (VP of Programs), Emily White (Program Coordinator) and Kim Ryan (Director of Patient Services) attended the annual ASCO meeting. Some of our board members and Grassroots Action Committee (GAC) members attended, too.




Meet Jami - a single mother, advocate, survivor and WONDER WOMAN! Jami shared her story with us on our Power of One Million Strong blog.


"Never give up. Be your own hero. A positive attitude goes a long way to help getting you through the rough times. Research everything, really talk with your doctors, ask lots of questions. And speak out and be an advocate - you never know whose life you might save." - Jami Davis 
Want to see more footage from One Million Strong? Watch the Behind-the-Scenes video and take the pledge!
Behind the Scenes:  NYC Gets Behind One Million Strong
Behind the Scenes:
NYC Gets Behind One Million Strong
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Upcoming Webinars
Molecular Testing and Tumor Testing:  Why Is This Important? 
Wed., July 17, 2013 
8 - 9:30 PM EDT
 Joining the Fight CRC Family
Fight CRC President Carlea welcomed baby boy Bodhi June 5! 
We couldn't be more excited to have a new little advocate running around.


Where's The Fight?

New York
June 26 & 27
We're hitting NYC again this week to prepare for exciting upcoming events! We're planning our 2nd annual Times Square event for March, meeting with fundraisers and other nonprofit cancer groups and hosting a focus group and dinner for survivors in the NYC area.
Washington, DC
July 9
A handful of Fight Colorectal Advocates will join One Voice Against Cancer on their annual lobby day.
Aug. 17-19
No better way to spread CRC awareness and recruit advocates than an international hair show! We'll be with colorectal cancer advocate and owner of the Profile Barber Institute, Rodrick Samuels. Who's Rodrick? Check this out:
Rodrick Samuels Throws Dishes
Rodrick Samuels Throws Dishes
Oct. 11-12
Save-the-date and pre-register for the Colon Cancer Alliance's annual national conference. Our friend Rodrick Samuels is the keynote speaker!


Stage II and Stage III Colon
Fight Colorectal Cancer is working with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to evaluate documentation used in clinical trials.

The study will help the NCI improve their informed consent document.

Participants needed to provide feedback. This is NOT a clinical trial. There is NO medical treatment involved.

You will be compensated $40 for your time.

Head to our website to learn more, see if you meet eligibility requirements and sign up for the NCI study. 



Summer 2013 Newsletter

Our printed Summer Newsletter is just now hitting the stands!

Click the image above to read an online version. We've got great info about exercise, reaching out for help and advocacy updates!



Rose and Eric Hausmann are on FIRE!

Rose (a three-time CRC survivor) and her husband are not only the committee chairs of our Grassroots Action Committee (GAC), but they were also awarded Advocates of the Year at our 2013 Call-on Congress.

Throughout the years, the Hausmanns have raised around $35,000 for Fight Colorectal Cancer.

A few weeks ago, the Hausmanns hosted a 2nd annual horseshoe tournament that raised $4,600.

THANK YOU to the Hausmanns! 

Read about their fundraising story.

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Thank you,

Carlea Bauman
President of Fight Colorectal Cancer

Fight Colorectal Cancer demands a cure for colon and rectal cancer. We educate and support patients and caregivers, push for changes in policy that will increase and improve research, and empower survivors to raise their voices against the status quo.
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