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May 2013


(From left to right) Dr. Morelli, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Nancy Roach, Fight Colorectal Cancer Board Chair

Fight Colorectal Cancer's "tagline" is "Get behind a cure." We were founded on the principle that greater strides needed to be taken to better treat - and potentially cure - late stage colorectal cancer. In 2008, we awarded our first research grant for late stage disease. Since then, we have given away an additional five grants, totaling close to $300,000.


On April 9th, we awarded our sixth grant to Dr. Pia Morelli of MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Morelli hopes to detect genetic mutations that develop over time that may cause patients to become resistant to drugs like Erbitux and Vectibix. 


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The Lisa Fund (the Fight Colorectal Cancer research fund) is named after Lisa Dubow, one of our founders, who credited cutting-edge research to her nine years of survival. Lisa passed away in 2007.

Every dollar donated to The Lisa Fund goes directly to medical research. If you desire to contribute toward the advancement of colorectal cancer research, make a donation to this fund. 


Want to ramp up your colorectal cancer advocacy? Use our 2013 Advocacy Handbook, written by colorectal cancer patients and advocates just like you. This free resource will help you:

  • Understand the legislative process as it relates to colorectal cancer
  • Learn about current legislative priorities
  • Take action on Capitol Hill and at home

The personal anecdotes from patient advocates throughout the handbook will help you see how easy and important it is to get involved. 


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Nancy Davenport-Ennis, the CEO and co-founder of the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF), recently wrote an op-ed for Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, about the impact that sequestration is having on cancer patients.

In it she said, "No, the sky did not fall on March 1, as some had predicted. But for those who are tuning out, just be glad you aren't sick. Especially those who are battling cancer."


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Fight Colorectal Cancer Vice Chair to Take Reins at NPAF


We are proud to announce that Fight Colorectal Cancer Vice Chair Dr. Alan Balch will soon take over as CEO of the National Patient Advocate Foundation, while Nancy Davenport-Ennis remains as Chair of the Board. We wish Alan and Nancy the best of luck during the transition and vow to continue to support and applaud the great work of their organization.

Courtesy of NCI

Can a company take out a patent on a human gene? 


The US Supreme Court heard arguments on this issue last week. Their ruling will have a major impact on cancer research.


Disclosure: Fight Colorectal Cancer has accepted funding from Myriad Genetics in support of its patient education program. Fight Colorectal Cancer has ultimate authority over website content.


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In an effort to raise money and awareness for those affected by colorectal cancer, Bayer HealthCare and Fight Colorectal Cancer are proud to introduce the 2013 Virtual Walk to Fight Colorectal Cancer.

Join the Virtual Walk today in support of yourself, a loved one or all people who are battling CRC. For each participant, Bayer HealthCare will donate $2 (up to $40,000) to Fight Colorectal Cancer. Funding supports research, advocacy and awareness. Simply lace up your electronic walking shoes and create your own Virtual Walk character to join the cause and help move us forward! 

Our Facebook community just loves to share good news.


When we shared this photo that Bryce Johnson posted to our wall in March, it received over 1,800 likes and comments! Who wouldn't want to celebrate that? Congratulations Bryce!


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As advocate and colorectal cancer survivor Liz Dennis grieved the loss of her beloved mother, she decided to honor her by donating to Fight Colorectal Cancer so that we could fully fund advocates to attend Call-on Congress in Washington, DC this past March. Liz, as well as the three advocates who attended (thanks to her generosity), brought fresh perspectives to our annual event.  

GREAT NEWS! Liz will match dollar for dollar all donations to the Call-on Congress scholarship fund for 2014. To support the fund, please follow this link.
Fight Colorectal Cancer demands a cure for colon and rectal cancer. We educate and support patients and caregivers, push for changes in policy that will increase and improve research, and empower survivors to raise their voices against the status quo.
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