December 2012

The staff and board of Fight Colorectal Cancer wish you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season and a joyous New Year!
Celebrities & Patients Film Public Service Announcement
Charles Kelley (L) and family
Volunteers nationwide participated in the filming of Fight Colorectal Cancer's new public service announcement (PSA) that will air starting March 2013, Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. 
There are some familiar faces in the ads: Charles Kelley from the hit country group Lady Antebellum shared screen time with Fight Colorectal Cancer as well as World Series champ Frank White and a handful of professional hockey and football players.

See sidebar at right for a chance to catch a sneak peek of the PSA in New York City in December!
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For every $25 donation that Fight Colorectal Cancer receives by December 31st, Quest Diagnostics will donate one colorectal cancer screening kit to a cancer control program that delivers free screening and follow-up care to those who cannot afford it. 

Make a difference this holiday season and provide a free screening to someone in need while also supporting the great programs at Fight Colorectal Cancer. Thank you!
Sanofi Discounts Zaltrap by Half

After Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center made their decision in October not to offer Zaltrap (ziv-aflibercept) to advanced colorectal cancer patients for cost reasons, health care providers wondered how many other cancer centers would follow suit. 

Turns out, they may not have to. Weeks later, Sanofi, the pharmaceutical giant that makes Zaltrap, announced a 50 percent discount, effective immediately, on the drug. Sanofi cited "market resistance" to the initial price as the reason for the discount. 
Fight Colorectal Cancer is working with Sanofi, along with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to make sure that Medicare patients are able to afford the co-pay, which is not impacted by the discount. 
If you are being charged a high co-pay for your Zaltrap prescription, please call our Answer Line at 877-427-2111.
Remembering our Friends
2012 will be remembered as the year we said goodbye to two dear friends.

Kate Murphy was a founding member of Fight Colorectal Cancer and served as its Director of Research Communication. After 29 years of living with several Lynch-related cancers and Multiple Sclerosis, Kate died on October 3. She was 70. 
Pat Steer

Pat Steer was a long-time volunteer and advocate with Fight Colorectal Cancer. She lived with stage IV rectal cancer for eight years. Pat died on July 17 in Syracuse, New York. 

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The Best Webinars of 2012
From Rectal Cancer and Sexuality to Diet and Nutrition issues, our webinars contained a wealth of information for patients. 

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