October 2015 Volume 8 Issue 3
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Library Services FAQ
WHERE will LIBRARY SERVICES be during renovation?
The 24/7 computer lab is moving to Neff and that space at the entrance to the Library will become the Library Services Center.  We'll be open 7 days/week to answer questions and provide resources.
  • Stop in to request Reserves and to pick-up books or DVDs from our collection or from another library; check out a laptop or iPad, have a research consultation, or Ask-a-Librarian
How will I get BOOKS from the library?
You'll fill out a simple request form; we'll don a hardhat and retrieve it from the stacks.  You should be able to pick it up within 24 hours (or faster with a Rush request).

How about iPads and LAPTOPS?
You will still be able to check them out from the 1st floor Library Services Center.

How about student COMPUTERS?
There will be a new 24/7 study/computer lab for students on the first floor of Neff.  Many other open student labs on campus will still be available. See the list at  https://www.ipfw.edu/offices/its/resources/facilities/student-labs.html

Where will I find STUDY SPACES?
  • Many tables, chairs and whiteboards from the library will be moving to the bridge and to Walb
  • See Inside IPFW's post about other great spots on campus

Where are the LIBRARIANS?
We've dispersed across campus to department offices where we're closer to both students and faculty.  During the renovation, you'll find a librarian in the Library Services Center every day with evening and weekend hours, too.  And we're online at Ask-a-Librarian.

Will the Library's 4th floor COMPUTER CLASSROOM be available?
The classroom will be unavailable during renovation but there are other teaching classrooms on campus which may be used.

Other questions?
Ask at ipfw.edu/libraryrefresh or contact Dean Cheryl Truesdell

The library's renovation will start at the end of Fall semester 2015. Watch for more updates on our Refresh website, the library's Facebook page, Helmke Highlights, and other campus news venues. 


You're invited
Helmke Library De-Construction Party
Thursday, December 10, 2015, noon-3:00 pm
Helmke Library First Floor
2015-2016 Library Scholars Grants Available for
Purdue Mission Faculty
Application deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Purdue's Library Scholars Grant Program is designed to help untenured tenure-track and recently tenured Purdue faculty gain access to library materials necessary for research.  The focus of the program is to support access to unique collections of information around the country and the world, including travel-related expenses and fees charged by the library or other collection owner, photocopying, scanning, etc. Awards will be in amounts of up to $5,000.

Untenured tenure-track Purdue faculty members, and recently tenured or associate professors tenured effective July 1, 2013 and later, in all disciplines and from all Purdue campuses and the Statewide Technology Program, (Purdue faculty at the Fort Wayne and IUPUI campuses are those within "Purdue mission" programs.  A list is available at http://www.ipfw.edu/offices/oaa/academic-affairs/about/; click on Deans, Department & Program Heads on left navigation bar.

Grant Guidelines and Deadline:
Library Scholars Grant Guidelines are available online at: https://www.lib.purdue.edu/scholars/guidelines
All proposals must be submitted by email to Ayn Reineke, areineke@purdue.edu, with the Subject: Library Scholars Grant, no later than 5:00pm EST, Tuesday, December 1, 2015.
Google Books Wins Again in Court
For 10 years, the Authors Guild has been pursuing a legal case against Google's massive book scanning project, claiming infringement of author and publisher copyright.  On October 16th, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed the judgment in Google's favor and rejected the Authors Guild appeal of the dismissal of the lawsuit by U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin in 2013.

In summary, the Court ruled:
  1. Google's unauthorized digitizing of copyright-protected works, creation of a search functionality, and display of snippets from those works are non-infringing fair uses.  The purpose of the copying is highly transformative, the public display of text is limited, and the revelations do not provide a significant market substitute for the protected aspects of the originals.  Google's commercial nature and profit motivation do not justify denial of fair use.
  2. Google's provision of digitized copies to the libraries that supplied the books, on the understanding that the libraries will use the copies in a manner consistent with the copyright law, also does not constitute infringement.

Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Case 13-4839-cv, document 230-1 located at: https://www.unitedstatescourts.org/federal/ca2/13-4829/230-0.html.

This ruling demonstrates that Title 17, Section 107, Fair Use is the standard by which all uses of copyrighted material must be judged, and that all four factors have equal weight and must be considered as a whole.  So a strictly educational use is not a guarantee of fair use, nor a commercial use necessarily a determination against fair use.

For more information about copyright in teaching and publishing see the library's guide to Copyright.  For questions contact: Cheryl Truesdell, Dean, Helmke Library.

Think Spring!  Spring Reserves, that is 
Instructors may begin to fill out requests for spring course reserves on October 30, 2015. 

During the renovation year of 2016, students may check out reserve material in the Library Services Center.  Due to the limited seating in this room, the "Not to Leave Library" option will not be available during 2016. 
Thanksgiving Break Library Hours 
November 25 - 29, 2015
Wednesday:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday:  Closed
Saturday:  8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sunday:  Noon - 11:00 pm
Northeast Indiana Diversity Library (NIDL)
Receives Grant 
nidlOn October 15, the Northeast Indiana Diversity Library (NIDL) was one of 13 local non-profit recipients of a General Motors Foundation Plant City Grant.

NIDL plans to use its $6,000 grant to support its collaboration with Helmke Library to digitize materials from the NIDL archive.  NIDL's current preservation through digitization projects include:
  • The TROIS newsletter of Fort Wayne;
  • Over 500 photos of a Revue at Tulisa's Up The Street in 1971;
  • Over 100 photos of early GLO activities. GLO was the city's first LGBT organization; and 
  • Reel-to-reel tapes of women's programs from Sister Space.
Library People and Accomplishments
Marla Baden has been appointed to the ALI (Academic Libraries of Indiana) Collaborative Collection Management Data Analysis Task Force. 
Save the Dates
Student Research and Creative Endeavors Symposium Information Sessions
November 10, 2015, noon-1:00 pm, Honors Program Center. Free pizza!
November 11, 2015, 2:00-3:00 pm, Honors Program Center. Free pizza!
Helmke Library closed for renovation moves
 December 20 - January 3, 2015
Helmke Library Services Center opens for 2016 renovation period
January 4, 2016 on first floor Helmke Library

Visit the Helmke Highlights archives 


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