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September 2014 Volume 7 Issue 2
The design phase of the library renovation has begun; the goal is to have a design selected by the beginning of the spring 2015 semester.  The architect and interior designer from the architectural firm, Ratio Architects, Inc. met over two days with staff, students and faculty.  Library staff outlined space needs for current and future services.  Representatives from the Writing Center, ITS, Honors, Studio-M, Department of Communication, and the Faculty Senate Library Subcommittee reviewed the goals and priorities for the Learning Commons.  In addition, IPSGA provided free pizza for an open forum for students to contribute their ideas for a 21st century library space.  Their ideas ranged from an aquarium to coffee to artwork and quiet spaces.  IPFW faculty, students, and staff will have an opportunity to comment on design plans throughout the process - watch this space for announcements or visit the HelmkeLibraryRefresh website.
Library Introduces Proactive Chat!


Helmke Library has been offering assistance through an online chat system for many years.  This fall, we're making sure every visitor to our website can get the help they need!


In late August, the library implemented a "proactive" chat service.  Instead of waiting for users to ask for help, a pop-up box opens (after ten seconds of inactivity on the homepage) and asks visitors if we can help them find what they need.  And so far, they've said YES!  Last school year, we received no more than 54 chat questions in any given month.  This year, we've had almost 200 chats since August! 

Questions?  Just visit us at library.ipfw.edu and ask!

How the Games Were Played

Daring explorers, monster slayers, unruly settlers and many others took part in Helmke Library's welcome back game night in the Learning Commons on September 4th.  Entering the second floor of the library one could smell the fresh popcorn as it was being bagged and handed out to those in the awaiting crowd.  It was 4:00 p.m. and the games were beginning.  Players came from all over campus to meet-up and test their wits in popular games such as Catan, Dominion, and Munchkin.  Novice and expert alike enjoyed the camaraderie of an evening of games in the library.  Of course it is more than fun and games.  Researchers point out that games that are social in nature help to promote brain activity.  Just what everyone needs to start off a new semester on the right foot.  

Helmke Library and IPFW's 50th Anniversary


Can you Complete the Picture? 

You're invited October 12, 2014 or join us online anytime!

The Library is celebrating IPFW's 50th anniversary with a tech twist on an old collection.  Visit our gallery of digitized photographs from the University archives collection.  We're crowd-sourcing the ID of these 700+ unidentified photo gems. See the entire digital "Complete the Picture" collection and send us a comment if you can identify any of the people, places or things!


You are cordially invited to join us in person for this IPFW 50th Anniversary event, "Complete the Picture," on Sunday, October 12, 2014 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. in the Walb Student Union Classic Ballroom, IPFW campus.  Copies of all 716 unidentified photographs in this collection will be available for hands-on, up-close viewing and identification.  A plaque honoring the Founding Faculty of IPFW will be unveiled in a special presentation at 3:00 p.m.  Refreshments will be served throughout the afternoon.  Free and open to the public; no RSVP required.


Helmke History Briefs

Helmke Library's Music Collection: Be transported back in time - explore the library's vinyl collection.

On the third floor of the library, and available for circulation, is the library's vinyl collection, a trove of classical music, from Bach to Wagner, a variety of different genres from spoken recordings of Shakespeare, and popular music including Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.  There's even a section of soundtracks where you'll find Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and the original sound track to Sweeney Todd


What, you say, are vinyl records, and why do we still have them?  According to some music specialists, vinyl has a richer, more nuanced sound and is the only way to listen to music.  As in the debate over print vs. e-books, the value of both formats can be made in the vinyl vs. digital recordings argument.  Music experts admit that the depth of sound is better in a well-preserved vinyl recording than in a CD version created from an old vinyl master or a re-mastered CD using modern dynamic compression techniques to make the old recording more competitive for the modern market.  ("Why Vinyl Sounds Better than CD, or Not" Talk of  the Nation, NPR, 2/10/2012)  So while the library still purchases audio CDs/DVDs, we have maintained our vinyl collection with their original dust jackets, which in many cases are their own works of art.  Stop by and browse our collection. Don't have a record player at home? Just bring your own head phones to listen to ours.

Digital Initiative News


Last month, August 2014, Opus had 5,402 full-text downloads and 143 new submissions were posted.


The most popular downloads were:

  • Kaufmann, Michael E. (2012). "How to Teach a True Spokane Story: Learning Sherman Alexie's Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Through Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried."  AURCO Journal, 17: 83-98. (345 downloads)
  • Stapleton, M. L. (2014). Marlowe's Ovid: The "Elegies" in the Marlowe Canon.  Burlington, VT: Ashgate.  (151 downloads)
  • Slutsky, Ruslan (University of Toledo) and Stacey Pistorova (Little Garden Preschool Pseudonym) (2010).  "Making High-Quality Early Childhood Settings Visible."  Scholarlyparternshipsedu. 5, 2 (248 downloads)

The most popular Opus series were:

  • scholarlypartnershipsedu (927 downloads) This scholarly peer-reviewed journal is supported by the College of Education and Public Policy. This biannual publication is a venue for scholar-practitioners to disseminate their theoretical, practical, and/or applied discussions and research in the broad field of education. To support this mission, all research and submitted manuscripts must be coauthored by educators from the university and P-12 schools or community agencies.
  • English and Linguistics Faculty Publications (764 downloads)
  • Engineering Senior Design Projects (496 downloads)

Opus data entry service
Send your CV and/or copies of the post-prints of your articles, paper presentations, images of your art, or audio of your music performances to the library at truesdel@ipfw.edu and library staff will enter your citation information, enhance the metadata as needed, and upload your content into Opus as allowed by copyright.  Questions? Contact Cheryl Truesdell, Library Dean at 260-481-6506. 

Websites for Scholars: Subject Librarian Picks

Assistant Librarian, Shannon Johnson liaison to Health Sciences, Consumer & Family Science and Human Services, selected these for this month's column:

National Library of Medicine Digital Collections 

Provides access to fully digitized biomedical texts and videos from the National Library of Medicine's extensive historical collection.


Global Health Observatory  

Provides access to information and datasets related to World Health Organization goals and programs.


MedNar Deep Web Search Engine 

A different kind of search engine, MedNar is designed to search the "deep web" and locate materials that traditional engines such as Google or Yahoo do not plumb.

New Resources

  • The library has subscribed to an academic e-book package that includes over 2,000 titles from across the curriculum.  Once a title has been accessed and used it is considered a purchase and is added to our book collection.  All of the titles from the package are available in the library's Express Search.  E-books that have been purchased will also be added to IUCAT.  In our first week seven titles were purchased:
    • Food Service Manual for Health Care Institutions 
    • Project Management 
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families 
    • Workplace Communication for the 21st Century 
    • Business Ethics
    • Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia 
    • Resistance to Learning
 Library People and Accomplishments

David Dunham
We are happy to welcome new librarian David C. Dunham to Helmke Library.  David is the new liaison to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Math and Physics as of September 29, 2014.
David holds a Master of Library Science degree from IU Bloomington and also an MA from Ball State.  David comes to Helmke after several years as a reference and instruction librarian at the Dover Memorial Library, Gardner-Webb University, Boiling Springs, NC.  David has extensive experience as a library instructor and with technologies used daily in the library: RefWorks, LibGuides, Google Docs and video tutorial software such as Camtasia and Jing.
David joins the library's team of liaison librarians who can assist you with classroom instruction as well as support for your research.
Welcome Student Employees  
This fall the Helmke Library welcomes both our new and returning student employees.

Our ITS consultants work in the Learning Commons and library labs, answering technology questions and helping with checkouts of laptops and iPads. 
  • Amadou,  Senior Civil Engineering major
  • Ben, Junior Computer Science major
  • Gary,  Graduate student in Public Policy
  • Sharif, Junior Computer Science and Mathematics major

Library and Learning Commons returning student employees include: 

  • Deborah, Senior Civil Engineering major
  • Dingding,  Graduate student in Computer Science, Applied Computer Science
  • Kayla,  Senior Organizational Leadership and Supervision major
  • Luisa, Junior Political Science major
  • Paige, Senior English major
  • Sara,  Senior Criminal Justice & Biology Major

We are pleased to welcome a host of new student employees as well: 

  • Abbie,  Freshman Journalism major
  • Carmen, Senior Education major
  • Cynthia,  Freshman Nursing major
  • Eric,  Freshman Biology (Pre-Veterinary) major
  • Erica,  Senior Visual Communication and Design major
  • Jacob,  Freshman Theatre major
  • IM,  Sophomore Business major
  • Matthew, Senior English major
  • Sean,  Senior Political Science major
  • Timothy, Graduate student in English Literature
  • Zachary,  Junior Economic and Management major

We value all of our student employees and support them in their academic endeavors.


Presentations and Publications
Adkins, Tiff (2014).  "Review of the book, The professor's guide to taming technology: Leveraging digital media, web 2.0, and more for learning."  New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development. 26 (2): 60-62.  http://opus.ipfw.edu/lib_facpubs/38

Mbuba, J.M. and Mugambi, F. (2014).  "Understanding Students' Instructional Delivery Preferences and Other Classroom Logistics."  In J. Keengwe, et al. eds. Promoting Global Literacy Skills through Technology-Infused Teaching and Learning. (Hershey, PA: IGI Global).



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