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May 2014 Volume 6 Issue 10
 Helmke Library Hours 
May 18 - August 8, 2014
 Monday - Thursday 8am - 7pm 
Friday 8am - 5pm 
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Work on the library's foundation has begun.  A construction fence has been erected to the south of the library, across the main campus walkway and around the front of the LA building.  While at first glance it appears there is no way to get into the library, we are open for business and two of the four front doors are accessible!  The entrance from the bridge to the Learning Commons is also open. Construction on this phase is expected to be completed by the beginning of fall term.  The entire foundation work and new landscaping, walking paths, bike racks and outdoor seating will be completed by October 2014.

The ceiling tiles in the Learning Commons on the second floor have been removed in preparation for installation of the new sprinkler system.  New lighting and ceiling tiles will be installed as part of the larger library renovation scheduled to begin summer 2015. 


2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Opus Annual Report is available at http://opus.ipfw.edu/opus_reports/3/.  The report highlights the growth of Opus--the number of items added in 2013 increased by 23% over 2012 and the number of full-text items added increased by 204%.   

Service Now Available: Let the Library Enter Your Work into Opus
The library will upload citations of your scholarly and creative accomplishments into Opus for you. Send us your latest CV or link to your profile on your own website or third party sites such as ResearchGate or Academia.edu. 

In addition to metadata (description of the item), we are also seeking the content (full-text) of your scholarship and creative work, including papers presented at conferences, posters, articles, images, audio, etc.  S
end us the full-text you have and we will upload the content with your metadata. 

Many publishers are now granting permission to authors to post the final, peer-reviewed, edited version of their article in their university's institutional repository. If you have an electronic copy of the final version (the version that does not include publisher formatting, such as their font, running headers and footers, page numbers, layout, etc.), please send it.


Opus is a preservation tool as well as an open access repository. Content stored in Opus will be sustained even if your website or your publisher's website disappears, formats change, or you retire! 

If you have questions about copyright, versions that can be posted, or Opus, please contact Cheryl Truesdell

The Eagle: US Board on Geographic Names


Today we start with a question: if, while hiking, you fell into a previously undiscovered underground cavern, do you get to name it after yourself?  What if you wanted to name it Cavern Awesome?  The process is more involved than just placing a flag with your name on it and claiming it as your own.  The US Board on Geographic Names is the federal entity which manages the standardization of geographic names, and their website allows visitors to search for natural and man-made features.  You can suggest a name change, or even suggest a new name for a recently discovered feature.

The website is rather unattractive but searches still function well and intuitively.  Searching domestic information is done using the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) through either a basic or advanced search.  There is also a way to search Antarctic geographies through a separate search, or undersea features via the GEOnet Names Server.  The GNIS system allows the search result to be plotted on a topographical map.  It is also possible to see the area via satellite image. The Board on Geographic Names is a small entity, but an important one to know.

Happy searching! 


It's been two years since Apps-olutely debuted. Since then we've showcased great apps from Evernote to RemoteMouse, helping our faculty members use the iPad in innovative ways. App reviews are easy to find on the web, though, and the cream of the crop get press in major publications including Slate, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Chronicle. With that in mind, we will be retiring this column and refocusing our attention on a wider range of emerging technology with applications for teaching and learning. Look for a new column in the fall! 

And in the Literary Corner 
  • Helmke Library's Popular Reading Collection  Helmke Library has an arrangement with the Allen County Public Library to supply a rotating collection of popular fiction for our students, faculty, and staff and summer is the perfect time to relax with a good book. Check out the collection which includes mysteries, romance, general fiction, and even some large print in the first floor lounge near the elevators! 
  • Library Construction: Books and Skeletons Waiting?  Construction workers removing the ceiling panels found 2 books in the ceiling of the 2nd floor journal browsing area. One was Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, marked Missing in our system in March 2008. The other was Sherwood Anderson: Dimensions of His Literary Art; its last recorded use was in 1996. Librarian Brandon Bowen muses: How I think The Old Man and the Sea got there: The warm sunlight streamed through the 2nd floor windows on a Friday afternoon. Outside, birds chirped in the blossoming trees, and the smell of freshly cut grass faintly drifted in from the lawn. A male student was reading, slouched in a comfortable chair by the window, sunshine pouring over his back onto the page. Half way through the book, his brow furrowed by Hemingway's prose, he'd had enough. "Nope!" he thought, stood on his chair, and shoved it into the ceiling. "Now you can never harm another person!" He climbed down, stretched his back muscles, and strolled outside into the spring air...but his thoughts circled back to the fish and to the sharks...
Helmke Highlights will be vacationing in June and July.
See you in August!



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