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 March 2013  Volume 5 Issue 9 

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Student Research and Creative Endeavor Poster Symposium
Reclaiming Your Copyright
Beyond Impact Factor: Altmetrics
Where is Spring?
Apps-olutely: Library Resources
The Eagle: Government Information Day, April 9
Library Staff and IPFW The BIG Event

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Student Research and Creative Endeavor Poster Symposium 
Mark your calendar for the 2013 Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium with over 50 student participants on Friday, April 12, 2013, 9am-1pm in the IPFW Learning Commons, 2nd floor Walter E. Helmke Library.  Student participants represent every college with topics from biology to visual communication and design.  The posters will be judged by a team of faculty and monetary prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place People's Choice posters.  Visitors to the Poster symposium will choose the People's Choice Award winner.  IPFW's Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Engagement and Sponsored Programs will recognize student participants and faculty mentors. 
See you April 12 as we recognize and support student research and creative achievement at IPFW. 
Reclaiming Your Copyright
CopyrightThe Copyright Act of 1978 contains a little publicized section (Title 17, Section 203) that allows authors/creators to reclaim their copyright within a designated window of time. As with much of copyright law, this section is long and unnecessarily opaque, but in brief it says:
If you published a work on or after January 1, 1978, you can reclaim your copyright within the following timeline and conditions:
  • Work must have been published at least 35 years ago
  • The window of opportunity to terminate the publisher's claim to copyright opens during the 35th year of publication and closes five years after the 35th year of publication.
  • The notice of termination may be served on the copyright holder no earlier than 25 years after publication and no later than 2 years before the five year window closes.

What does this mean?

If your work was published in 1978, the copyright can revert back to you, the original owner, anytime between 2013 and 2018, but you must notify the current copyright owner no later than 2016 in order to reclaim your copyright.

Fortunately, you can notify publishers of your intent to terminate their copyright claim to any of your published work up to ten years before the beginning of the five year window. 


This means that if you published an article in 1989 and transferred the copyright to the publisher at that time, you can file a notice with the publisher in 2013 that you intend to reclaim your copyright to this published item on a date set by you within the five year window that opens 35 years after publication, 2023-2028.  This informs the publisher well before the deadline for notification in 2026.


What do I have to do to reclaim my copyright?

  1. Review the copyright agreement you made with the publisher and verify the termination and notification timeline 
  2. Notify the publisher.  If there is a question concerning who currently owns the copyright, the law requires a "reasonable investigation to be made" to ascertain the current ownership of the rights to be terminated, this includes but is not limited to a search of records of the Copyright Office.
  3. Record the notice of termination with the Copyright Office prior to the effective date of termination. 

For more details about reclaiming your copyright under Title 17, Section 203 and a chart of dates for reclaiming copyright of published materials, see the IPFW Guide to Copyright or contact: Cheryl Truesdell, Dean, IPFW Helmke Library. 

Beyond Impact Factor: Altmetrics
AltmetricIt is Tenure and Promotion dossier preparation time and faculty are documenting evidence of the impact of their scholarship and research on their field and society at large.  With today's distribution of scholarship rapidly changing, the traditional measure of citation analysis in a handful of elite scholarly journals is becoming inadequate as the only measure of scholarly impact and contribution.  Add to that the years it may take for an article to accumulate citations and it's clear that a faster, and more inclusive, way of demonstrating impact is needed.  A host of new measures based upon activity in the online environment can provide a broader understanding of an individual's work across disciplines, audiences and formats.  Alternative metrics or "almetrics" are defined as the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing and informing scholarship.

In Altmetrics 101: A Primer (Information Today, February 2013) James Careless writes:  Like it or not, altmetrics will become influential as the world becomes more web-based. As a result, what is really up for grabs is not whether altmetrics will take hold (because its ascendance is inevitable) but the usefulness, quality, and fairness of the information collected using altmetrics.
While the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is working on standardizing specific altmetrics, some measures that are gaining in acceptance and usage include article downloads, page views, unique visits, citations in online news, blog comments, electronic lists, and social media sources, Mendeley bookmarks, group curation (e.g. Digital Humanities Now), reference sites like Zotero, or links and shares on Facebook and Twitter.  IPFW's Opus, for example, provides faculty a variety of data, such as number of downloads, unique visits, page views, and source of referral that indicates the depth of exposure of their work.
Some other sources of altmetrics include Google Scholar Metrics, the free altmetric app for Scopus and the Social Science Research Network's Top Papers and Top Authors. (see Roemer RC,  Borchardt R. From bibliometrics to altmetrics. A changing scholarly landscape. C&RL News. November 2012. p596-600).

For more information on gathering altmetrics for your work and in your field, contact your liaison librarian or Cheryl Truesdell
Where is Spring?   
According to Purdue Agriculture News (February 26, 2013), it will be warmer and wetter this spring in Indiana. The Indiana State Climate Office says that "Precipitation in the early spring in Indiana is more likely to be in the form of rain than snow because temperatures from March through May are expected to be about 2 degrees above normal."
We've certainly seen the precipitation, but in the form of snow and we're still waiting for the warmer temperatures.  Let's hope that the Indiana State Climatologist's predictions play out more accurately than Punxsutawney Phil's forecast of an early spring!
Apps-olutely: Library Resources
Are you ready to research on your iPad?  Would you like to browse journals in your field from your iOS device?  Helmke Library is partnering with publishers to make library resources available everywhere you want them.  Take a look:
BrowZineBrowZine (free app): Log in to BrowZine with your IPFW username and password to browse all the journals in your subject area.  Create a bookshelf of your favorites, get notifications when new issues come out, and export the PDFs to Dropbox, email, or your favorite reader.
IEEE Xplore: This mobile-optimized search puts all the technical information you expect from IEEE at your fingertips.  Use the simple search form, then scroll to the bottom page to refine your results.
EbscohostEBSCOhost (free app): Access fifty databases from your iOS device, including Academic Search Premier, ERIC, PsycINFO, and MEDLINE. Use the "Settings" tab to adjust search options, then save your results, access PDFs, or use the library's FIND IT button to locate or order the articles you discover.
The Eagle: Government Information Day, April 9
FDLPIf there is one thing the government is good at doing, it's producing reports, statistics and other documentation. It's not always easy to find this information, agencies change names, sub-agencies disappear and reappear, and whole departments get moved under other reporting umbrellas. For this reason Indiana's first ever Government Information Day's slogan is, "Of the People, By the People, For the People, But Where Can I Find It?"
On April 9, 2013 the Indiana State Library is hosting information professionals from around the country in a free day-long conference dedicated to government information. Noted guests and speakers include Mary Alice Baish, Superintendent of Documents from the Government Printing Office; Tony Fargo, IBJ Columnist, Indiana University Associate Professor of Journalism and Director of the Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies; Connie Lawson, Indiana Secretary of State; and Stephen Laue and Paul Reyes, both from the U.S. Census Bureau. Come learn more about census materials, preservation of born-digital documents, what the current sequestration looks like for the GPO, and other topics. Direct questions to Brandon Bowen, Government Information Coordinator for the Helmke Library, who is always ready to assist in your government document needs!
 Library Staff and IPFW The BIG Event
The Big Event
On March 23, IPFW participated for the second time in The BIG Event, a national day of service dedicated to helping the local community. In total, IPFW contributed over 900 people to the day of service.
Forming the Helmke Library's team was Chris Smith, Karen Parkison, Barbara Lloyd, Daniel Lin, Amy Harrison, Katie Dickinson, and Brandon Bowen.  The day started with registration and breakfast at 8:00 A.M.,  by 9:00 A.M. the team was on their way to the Saint Henry Catholic Church and Community Center with over twenty other volunteers.  Saint Henry volunteers helped with both inside and outside projects. The day started out chilly, but after a while the sunny skies and vigorous activity had many working in their shirtsleeves as they cleared the large community garden of old growth and spread new soil, washed windows, painted walls and help with a craft project.  A delicious lunch of chicken salad sandwiches, soup and sides was provided by the community center, which refueled the library team for the last push of the afternoon.  By 2:00 P.M. the group arrived back at IPFW, sore and dirty, but proud of the contribution they'd made. It was a good day with a great organization, and one the library team will never forget!
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