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Train-the-Trainer Seminars with Robert Milner
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Happy Holidays from Duckhill Kennels!
Duckhill Goes to England

Mauri, our General Manager, and Elizabeth, our head trainer and Operations Manager just got back from a 10 day visit in the UK with Robin Watson of Tibea Gundogs. Robin is an A-panel judge and a veteran field trailer. He took them to 4 field trials, where they took a turn at spectating, at picking up and at beating. Robin was also very generous in the time he spent with them going in depth on the British retriever training model. They have returned with a new perspective on training and trialing. Thanks to Robin's generous sharing of information on how to design and put in place a driven pheasant shooting program, Elizabeth is now our gamekeeper in addition to her dog duties. She is in charge of executing the pheasant release program, including the feeding program, the feed plot planting program and the release pen design. Both of these ladies were very impressed with UK field trials and shooting. They were even more impressed with the skill and behavior of the dogs on the typical shoot without a field trial. They have returned eager to implement the knowledge gained.

Mauri Jourdan, General Manager, Duckhill Kennels
Elizabeth McGlawn, Operations Manager and Head Trainer, Duckhill Kennels

New Forum Group


We have started a new group on the forum. The Gundog Training Group section of the forum  is for those wishing to form a training group or those interested in locating training partners in their geographic area.  Use the forum to recruit members for your group. Share successful recruiting strategies. Give news and advice to training groups and prospective members. Photos are encouraged.

Robert Milner


Canine Intelligence


On October 5, Anderson Cooper did a TV segment on the intelligence of dogs. Featured were Brian Hare, author of The Genius of Dogs, and Chaser, the border collie who has learned over 1,000 words. Here is the link to the video segment:  The information presented and the research mentioned were superb. Dogs are much smarter than we thought.


Robert Milner



Training Tip
from Elizabeth McGlawn

Give your dog multiple treats for a nice, calm, clean sit. (10-15) Gradually bring the height of the treats down to the floor. If the dog comes out of sit, pull your hand up. Start leaving your hand down on the floor longer with treating, and gradually placing your hand further and further away from your dog. Make sure your dog stays in sit. If the dog comes out of sit, put him/her back in sit and repeat. Eventually your dog will begin to lay down, rather than continue to reach out for a reward while in a sit. This may take anywhere from one to two sessions, up to 10 to 15 minutes each, depending on the trainer and the dog. 

A Health Tip
from Diana Bryan

   Click, Click, Click, Click...we are all familiar with the sound of long nails on the kitchen floor! Nail trims can be a challenge if the dog is not acclimated to the process. As with most behaviors, it is simplest to start when the dog is young. Handling the pup's feet while sitting on the couch, teaching "shake" as a way to get the dog used to offering a paw, and allowing the pup to see and sniff the nail clippers on a regular basis will help the puppy get used to the idea of having their feet touched. An adult dog can be desensitized in the same way, just remember to take it slow and increase the stimulation in small steps.

   As a vet tech, I will assure you that the veterinary staff will love you if you take the time to get your dog used to nail trims! Most bites in the clinic occur in the process of nail trims and a dog showing any type of aggression related to the process will usually end up wearing a muzzle for the duration of the procedure. Muzzles are a must for the safety of the staff but it makes the process more stressful for the dog. A little time spent in puppyhood will lead to a lifetime of easy grooming and quiet feet!  


Duckhill Trainers Receive Shotgun Certification

On Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014, Duckhill Kennel's Head Trainer Elizabeth McGlawn, and Trainers Sarah Garner and Dana Thompson traveled to GA to attend an NRA Shotgun Certification course.  The day was spent learning safety measures, protocols, and shooting. They had a great time and were invited back anytime. After completing and passing the course, their next step will be in getting their Shotgun Instructors Certification.  We will be holding that class at Duckhill Kennels in January 2015.  If you have an interest in joining us for that class please call (901)846-6119, or email us at


Duckhill Family Photo Album

Ceili, the Canadian Duck Dog,
from Buccleuch Ultra (Jake) x Duckhill Hunt
er's Hope

"In September we drove all the way from Ontario, Canada to pick up our DuckHill puppy - and we are so pleased we did. People were puzzled at why we would go so far for a puppy until they met her, now they ask us why we didn't bring home more!

People who meet her have trouble believing she is a puppy as she is so calm and intelligent and well behaved. We have taken her to stores, and events and even dog shows and though she was interested in what was going on was happy to sit quietly by my side. Ceili is the star of her Clicker class - the youngest pup but easily the furthest along in her training. At the Royal Winter Fair she charmed the RCMP officer so much he insisted on a picture - so I thought I would share it with you.

Ceili has her Mom's energy and love of fun, her Dad's calm quiet nature and is absolutely gorgeous. She is wonderful with the kids and the cats, is a great companion out on the farm and in the office.   I can't tell you how many people have said she is the most amazing puppy they have ever met. Don't be surprised if you hear from more Canadians who want a DuckHill pup.   The combination of great breeding and even a few weeks of Puppy Head start can't be beat!"


Photo and comments courtesy of  

S. Quarrington    



   Remington, from Duckhill Boomer x Duckhill Red Oak of Ogilvie

Remington, "Remi at 4 months old. He likes the snow much more than I do!"

Photo and comments courtesy of J. Beltz

Duke, from Tudorcourt Twig's Shadow x Tibea Waterflight (Widgeon)

"Duke experiences snow in Rhode Island."

Photo and comment courtesy of K. Malmgren

Canyon, from Duckhill Boomer x Duckhill Breeze

"He is a spectacular dog! His name is Canyon and he enjoys everyday."
Photo and comments courtesy of J. Maddelena 

Retired Breeder Available for Adoption

Duckhill Molly is our retired breeder of the month! Born on 11/21/2006, this sweet, fun-loving girl has given us many BEAUTIFUL puppies and been a great mother. This affectionate girl just wants to be loved on and would be a great addition to any family looking for an older British Lab! If you are interested in adopting Molly, please contact us at 901-846-6119 or to schedule a visit.


Molly loves to cuddle with Jeremy!
Gundogs Available for Adoption 

In the spirit of the holiday season, Duckhill Kennels is offering a few of our trained gundogs for adoption! These beautifully trained dogs are a bit older, but are ready to work! We have a group of up and coming pre-gun dogs and would like to find these slightly older dogs a great home - hopefully one where they will be able to hunt and enjoy doing what they love!
If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderfully trained dogs, please contact us at 901-846-6119 or to schedule a visit.
Jet - 3-1/2 yr old trained gundog and ladies man; this guy really loves the ladies in his life. Jet is an enthusiastic hunter, yet thinks he is everyone's favorite lounging partner - a great combination!
Crystal - 4-1/2 yr old finished gundog. Performs 200yd blinds, whistle stops, stays, steady, casting and more. Crystal is a true lady. She loves people and is very affectionate, but wants to get to know you first!
Magnum - 4 yr old gundog. Magnum is a trained gundog that also went though our US&R program, but doesn't like to bark. Full of personality, this guy is ready to work, but is just as ready to play!

Happy Holdiays from Duckhill Kennels

We thank you for helping make this a wonderful year for us, and we wish you a holiday season full of peace and joy! 
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