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 JUNE 2012
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Trinity Pines Partners Newsletter is our bimonthly communication with guests, supporters, and volunteers.

Thank you for your desire to support God's work through our shared ministry.

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Dear Trinity Pines Partners,
Summer is here! Our Summer Staff Ministry Team has been selected and trained, our calendar is almost completely full, and we have completed 4 weeks of camp.
A friend of the ministry called to say that they were praying for camps to be full this summer and for no child to leave camp without finding Jesus. Sounds like the "summer camp prayer" of faith we should all pray. Will you be part of the team that goes to battle in prayer for the lives of children, youth, and adults who haven't heard or accepted Christ's amazing free gift of salvation?


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Prayer note: Please join us in the "summer camp prayer".



"Guests from ALL NATIONS..." (Matthew 28:19-20) 





We continue to host a multitude of retreat groups in the summer and many of them are our Hispanic ministries. One weekend this summer we hosted 619 guests, and 549 were with our Hispanic churches. Throughout the year, about 30% of our guest groups are Hispanic.


As the demographics continue to shift in the Houston area, we desire to stay in better touch with the needs of these high impact churches and ministries. We are praying that our staff is sensitive to and our ministry is relevant to the cultures of the churches and ministries that we serve.


Prayer note: Please pray for the leadership of Trinity Pines to find more and better ways to reach out to our Hispanic churches and ministries.


 "...experiencing God..."  (John 14:21 & 23)  





Bob & Yvonne 

If you have been a guest at Trinity Pines in the past 30 years you have probably met Bob Konen. Bob and his wife Yvonne have 54 combined years of service at Trinity Pines!

Bob is a handyman of tremendous proportions and is truly gifted at all things maintenance related. He manages the water well, water plant, waste water system, air conditioning and heating, construction projects, general maintenance...well you get the idea. Trinity Pines couldn't really function without Bob and the expertise he has brought to the management of the facilities through his many years of service. He has blessed many young people by teaching and training them in these areas and we bet there are many wives who appreciate that their husbands are better handymen, because of the patient instruction Bob gave them at Trinity Pines.

Yvonne has worked in a number of areas during her 23 years of service at Trinity Pines. Most of that time she has worked in laundry services meaning she washes all of the linens for all of the facilities each and every week. This is quite an undertaking and just like Bob, she serves with joy and a constant smile.

Bob and Yvonne are devoted parents and grandparents and they have 3 daughters who all worked at Trinity Pines. They have 9 grandchildren and 1 on the way.

Konen Family

Staff, contractors, guests, and volunteers often comment on what a blessing it is to work with Bob and express gratefulness for the Konens' kindness. We thank God for bringing their family to Trinity Pines and keeping them here for these important years of growth in the ministry. Their investments are truly priceless.

 Prayer note: Please pray God's protection and blessing on the Konen Family and all of our staff.



 "...through a Christ centered spiritual setting..."  (Isaiah 58:10-14) 






















For many years, Director Phil Springer and the Board of Directors have dreamed of remodeling the area between the office (Adrion) and the Dining Hall (Lee Lodge). That dream became a reality this spring when a new waterscape including a 250 foot flowing creek topped with a 17 foot waterfall was constructed. Young and old alike are enjoying the beauty of this unique addition to the landscape.


Also, trees were cleared from the Mary Helen Smith Worship Center down to the falls. The view from the Worship Center of Lake Livingston is amazing. Since the waterscape and the Worship Center are lit, the view of the hill is spectacular at night.



View from Deck

















We have been impressed by the gratefulness and expressions of appreciation we have received from our new and returning campers on seeing the waterscape. One young guest said they thought they were at a different place than last year..."a nature preserve"!  Another said how excited he was that he was getting to come to Trinity Pines while we were "in our prime".


 Lower falls

We hope that you will come see in person all the amazing changes taking place on Trinity Pines' campus.


Prayer note: That the Lord will use the beauty and serenity of the waterscape to draw people to himself and into community with other believers. 



" that they might know Him better"  (Ephesians 1:17)





What an amazing group of young adults God has sent our way this summer! We have college and high school students from across the state, from across the country, and a few from across the world. The team has already bonded in a multitude of ways.


Each summer, we tell the students that they have roughly 10 weeks to work with this exact group of people; we will never be assembled together serving these camps and ministries in these specific ways, again. After many years of hiring and training staff, the supervisors realize how important it is for the students to be intentional in the use of their time to seek the Lord and in building positive relationships. Each staff member is given a camp specific devotional book and each student will lead at least one lunchtime devotional during the summer. Each week, both the girls and guys have a night for Bible Study. This summer the guys are studying Romans and the girls are going through the book of Esther .


Airmail, Spew, & Slingshot

Summer Staff 2012 Stats:

29 Students on Staff

13 College Students

16 High School Students

14 Girls

15 Guys

12 High Schools represented

7 Colleges represented

9 Worked a previous summer

4 Students serving for their 4th summer!


Prayer Note: Please pray that all of our former staff will continue to take the experiences and growth they gained from Trinity Pines to impact the world for Christ.
Pray that God uses and blesses the amazing group of young people serving with us as Summer 2012 Staff.




We hope that you will plan to come see for yourself all that God is doing at Trinity Pines.  In the meantime, prayer is what created this ministry and it is your prayers that will strengthen and sustain it.  Please continue to lift this ministry up to the Father.  Thank you!

Phil Springer and the Trinity Pines Staff Family 





Trinity Pines Preteen Camps        July 7th-11th & 11th-15th 

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