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 MARCH 2012
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Trinity Pines Partners Newsletter is our monthly communication with guests, supporters, and volunteers.

Thank you for your desire to support God's work through our shared ministry.

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Dear Trinity Pines Partners,

Our spring season will continue to be busy with retreats, remodeling, and construction. Many projects are being completed as we prepare for a full camp season this summer. Some things to look forward to seeing on your next visit are:

  • Retaining walls at Adrion, Lee, Hanlin, Johnson-Saunders and Chafin
  • Remodel of the office and exterior of Adrion
  • A 230 ft. long waterscape between Lee and Adrion

More great news was the birth of Lincoln Bowen Gearheart on December 21st. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Danny, Suzi, Lohgan and their families!

Lincoln Gearheart


Danny is in full Summer Staff Recruiting mode and has been traveling to universities across the state to find students to complete our team. We are proud to be welcoming back at least a dozen of our previous staff and look forward to adding new members to the Trinity Pines Summer Staff family! If you or someone you know are interested in serving as part of this team, please contact Danny at


Prayer note: Please begin praying now for our summer camps to impact lives for eternity and that many would begin and strengthen their relationships with Jesus Christ.



"Guests from ALL NATIONS..." (Matthew 28:19-20) 


Cross on Island





We continue to be blessed to serve the nations. Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country and the world. If you want to get a glimpse of what heaven will look like, share a meal in our dining hall! In February, we served a church who brought members from Taiwan, Pakistan, Iran, & China-some on their first ever retreat! What an amazing place to see God work.


In the spring, we will be privileged to serve churches connected to the Philippines, the Middle East, Vietnam, Iran, China, & Mexico.


Prayer note: Pray that we are a light to the nations, as they spend time enjoying God's awesome creation and sharing community with His people here at Trinity Pines.


 "...experiencing God..."  (John 14:21 & 23)  




Randy and Karen Beakley just completed nine years of service at Trinity Pines. Randy is the Food and Guest Services Supervisor and Karen handles reservations and scheduling for all the Retreats and Camps.


Here is their story:


When Karen and Randy's daughter was in 6th grade they chaperoned a weekend church choir trip to a camp. Randy visited with the staff the whole weekend and when they left he said, "I would love to work at a camp".  Fast forward 13 years. Randy's job situation was looking bleak and he was worried about finding a job at his age. Karen suggested he pursue an opportunity in camp ministry. To make a long story short, within a month Randy had started work at Trinity Pines Conference Center! Karen started at Trinity Pines 3 months later after selling their house in Missouri City. Neither one of them had worked in camp ministry before. Nine years later they are still blessed on a regular basis by the individuals, ministries and churches that cross their paths at Trinity Pines. Randy says, "I love getting to work at a place where we get to see people's lives changed by coming to faith in Christ or renewing their commitment."

Moving from a suburb of Houston to a town of 2,700 was quite a culture shock but has been a huge blessing for both of them.  Knowing that "the city" is only an hour away helps!  Living at the camp is a wonderful change from the craziness of living in the suburbs.  No traffic jams on the way to work now!
Beakley Family 
Karen & Randy have 2 grown children. Jamie Ivey and her husband, Aaron, live in Austin. Jamie is a stay-at-home mother of their 4 children. Aaron is the Worship Leader at Austin Stone Community Church and leads worship at Breakaway, a non-denominational weekly Bible study at Texas A&M University. They have one biological child, Cayden, who is 8 and three adopted children. Deacon is 6 and was adopted domestically. Amos, 6, and Story, 4, were both adopted from Haiti.
Beakleys with grandkids 
Their son Jordan and his wife, Kristen, live in Conroe. During their engagement, Jordan worked at Trinity Pines developing trails & Kristen was on the first full resident Summer Staff Team in 2003. They have 2 children, Porter, 4, and Lilly, 2. Jordan is a Wildland Firefighter working out of the Sam Houston National Forest and Kristen is an RN working at Conroe Regional Hospital.
Their grandkids love to visit Nana & Pops at camp with all the fun stuff to do!
Karen says, "There have been ups and downs over the last 9 years, but we have both grown in our relationship with the Lord and been blessed tremendously by the ministry of Trinity Pines Conference Center."


 Prayer note: Please pray God's protection and blessing on the Beakleys and all of our staff.


 "...through a Christ centered spiritual setting..."  (Isaiah 58:10-14) 



Making the Mary Helen Smith Worship Center more accessible and convenient for our guests's use


We are grateful for the donations that have already been made toward these and other projects. Please continue to pray about the opportunity to join us as we partner together in the Kingdom work of stewarding this ministry. We wanted you to have the "before" view, so you can join us in celebrating the "after" view when these projects are completed.


Pave the Path...

Pave the Path


Light the Way...

MHS Worship Center Driveway


As mentioned in last month's newsletter, Texas Baptist Men Camp Builders built some new covered areas close to the lakefront. These will hold 10-12 folks for small group gatherings.

Covered walkways

In January, we had 3 SOWER couples and the TBM Brick Masons who were also working on the office area remodeling. We couldn't make it without our awesome volunteers who help make camp possible.


Prayer note: That the Lord would continue to send the volunteers that he wants serving here and that God would protect them in their travels and their work.




" that they might know Him better"  (Ephesians 1:17)





This is our last month to feature these potential areas for giving.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who were led to give to the following areas of ministry growth and development.  



Trinity Pines Preteen Camp Scholarship                           $50


PAVE THE PATH TO WORSHIP- Develop the 1,000
foot path between the Office/Dining Hall & the new 
Mary Helen Smith Worship Center. This will include 
lighting, benches, walkways, retaining walls, and 
fountains                                                                            $100/ft.


LIGHT THE WAY- Help purchase the 50 roadway lights 
needed around the Mary Helen Smith Worship Center $100 each
Trinity Pines hosts dozens of pastors and their families
for a free retreat. This is a much appreciated ministry
that God has used to minister to many of His
servants through the years.                                               $200

 Relay, Tink, & Cuddles

Pines hires around 28 additional high school and college
aged staff members each summer. They are provided 
room and board and a modest salary for their service.     $500 
Prayer Note: Please continue to pray about how God may want you to be involved in partnering in His work at Trinity Pines.


We hope that you will plan to come see for yourself all that God is doing at Trinity Pines.  In the meantime, prayer is what created this ministry and it is your prayers that will strengthen and sustain it.  Please continue to lift this ministry up to the Father.  Thank you!

Phil Springer and the Trinity Pines Staff Family 





Home School Family Camp           May 28th-June 1st     

Dare to Run Youth Camp              June 9th-13th            

Dare to Run Children's Camp        June 13th-20th           

M3 Junior High Camp                   June 18th-21st            

Trinity Pines Preteen Camps         July 7th-11th & 11th-15th 

CentriKid Camp                            July 16th-20th            



Trinity Pines Conference Center

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