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 OCTOBER  2011
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Trinity Pines Partners Newsletter is our monthly communication with guests, supporters, and volunteers.

Thank you for your desire to support God's work through our shared ministry.

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Mary Helen Smith WC Dedication
Dear Trinity Pines Partners,


We had a wonderful time celebrating God's provision at the Mary Helen Smith Worship Center Dedication, October 1st. Family and friends of Ray and Mary Smith and of Trinity Pines Conference Center's ministry gathered to give praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is the one who gave the dream and vision of this Conference Center to its founders back in the 1970's, and He is the one who has kept that vision alive. We are so thankful for God's guidance of this ministry as the dream continues, as seen in the provision, development, and completion of this new 1,200+ seat Worship Center.



 Worship Center Dedication



This issue of our newsletter is the continued celebration of the fulfillment of that dream.



"Guests from ALL NATIONS" (Matthew 28:19-20)


 Coffee Shop




Did you know that Trinity Pines has a Coffee Shop? One of the exciting features of the new Worship Center complex is this new gathering place. The past few summers it was utilized frequently as an additional snack area and game room for many of the camps. In the future, we hope it will be used as an Internet Cafe/Coffee Shop for conferences and retreats.


When Jeannie Dundore, a volunteer who has been helping with decorating throughout the camp thought about what to do in the Coffee Shop, she was reminded of the ministry's desire to serve the nations. She had a terrific idea. Jeannie told us, "Music is an international language. Let's make that the theme of this area." She went on to purchase numerous instruments from all over the world, by internet auction.


So now in the coffee shop, we have on display:


  • this tremoloa from Hawaii

Hawaiian Tremoloa 

  • bagpipes from Scotland
  • pipes of pan from Peru
  • a moon guitar from China
  • bugles from India
  • moroccos and a guiro from Mexico
  • drums from Pakistan and Africa
  • a teardrop dulcimer from Cambodia
  • and several other unique instruments.


You really need to see it to believe it. It's an amazing venue!




 "experiencing God"  (John 14:21 & 23) 


 Ray & Mary Smith




The entire process of developing the Mary Helen Smith Worship Center has been described by Director Phil Springer as a huge faith journey. He says, "Everything we needed was provided at the perfect time, not early and not late. Not only the building, the lumber, the stones, and the other materials came at just the right time. The laborers were also sent by God just when we needed them. If we needed plumbers, electricians, stonemasons, or carpenters, that is who would show up for the volunteer project."


Trinity Pines did not have funds to build what would eventually become a worship facility valued at over two million dollars, and was committed not to borrow to fund the construction. So the Board and the Staff began to pray and God began to move. Three years, dozens of volunteer groups, hundreds of donors, and thousands of prayers later, the project is nearly complete.


Thank you, again, to all who have contributed in any way to this potential growth of the lifechanging ministry God is doing here.



"through a Christ centered spiritual setting"  (Isaiah 58:10-14)



   Worship Center Deck




The original master plan for Trinity Pines shows that the Worship Center was always intended to be built where it has been built: at the highest point on campus, and central to the rest of the developed acreage.


In recent years, as our lodging capacity increased to almost 700, having this facility that would hold at least that many for worship became a growing need. We are hopeful that with:

  •  the new large Worship Center, which includes an indoor amphitheater with seating for 450 and total seating for 1200+
  •  the 4 medium conference rooms
  •  the Coffee Shop/Game Room area
  •  the large porches with plenty of seating
  • and the 3200 square ft. deck (shown above)

this area will provide many opportunities for our guests to spend time in Christian community with families, friends, and other believers.


And, FYI, the porch by the porte-cochere, is one of the best sunset watching locations on campus!



Worship Center Right  


"so that they might know Him better"  (Ephesians 1:17)




Every year at this time, plans are made for our upcoming projects. God has caused tremendous growth and development in the past 10 years of Trinity Pines' ministry. Much of that is a result of His leading the donation of time, finances, and resources by our supporters and volunteers. The majority of Trinity Pines' growth is financially supported by individuals.

Please pray about how God may want you to be involved in partnering in His work at Trinity Pines.

Here are the upcoming projects & some financial opportunities for ministry: 


Trinity Pines Preteen Camp Scholarship                           $50


PAVE THE PATH TO WORSHIP- Develop the 1,000
foot path between the Office/Dining Hall & the new 
Mary Helen Smith Worship Center. This will include 
lighting, benches, walkways, retaining walls, and 
fountains                                                                            $100/ft.


LIGHT THE WAY- Help purchase the 50 roadway lights 
needed around the Mary Helen Smith Worship Center    $100 each        
Trinity Pines hosts dozens of pastors and their families
for a free retreat. This is a much appreciated ministry
that God has used to minister to many of His
servants through the years.                                               $200


Pines hires around 28 additional high school and college
aged staff members each summer. They are provided 
room and board and a modest salary for their service.     $500



We hope that you will plan to come see for yourself all that God is doing at Trinity Pines.  In the meantime, prayer is what created this ministry and it is your prayers that will strengthen and sustain it.  Please continue to lift this ministry up to the Father.  If you would like to receive monthly prayer requests throughout the school year, please subscribe to update your options and check the "prayer" option. Thank you!


Phil Springer and the Trinity Pines Staff Family





Trinity Pines Conference Center

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