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 JULY  2011
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This is the 5th edition of our monthly Trinity Pines Partners Newsletter.

Thank you for your desire to support God's work through our shared ministry.

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Dear Trinity Pines Partners,

We are always amazed at how quickly the summer flies. We are on Week 8 of camp with only a few more weeks left. Our Trinity Pines Preteen Camp this month was an amazing time of fun, worship, and especially eternal life change. We also hosted the Mission Centers of Houston last month and have great reports from that camp, as well.


Trinity Pines Mission Statement is:


"Guests from ALL NATIONS, experiencing God through a Christ centered spiritual setting, so that

they might know Him better"



In this issue of our newsletter, we will share: 
1) How God blessed our ministry and our CEF missionary guest from Kenya
2) How our partnership with Mission Centers of Houston is being blessed
3) About the faithful service of a Trinity Pines volunteer couple and 4) How God used the prayer requests of some preteen students to demonstrate His faithfulness to an entire camp.
As we shared in last month's newsletter, during the first week of camp we hosted ABC News Primetime Nightline as they were interviewing Don Piper, author of "90 Minutes in Heaven" and Anita Onarecker Wood, author of "Divine Appointment-Our Journey to the Bridge" . We have just learned that the show, entitiled "The Other Side" that is part of their Beyond Belief series will air on August 3rd, at 9:00 p.m Central Time. Please join us in praying that God is able to use the testimonies of our friends to convey Biblical truth through this opportunity.
Please continue to pray for our summer guests, summer ministry team, and for changed lives for all. Pray that we finish strong.



"Guests from ALL NATIONS" (Matthew 28:19-20)


Edwin and Crosby Church  




We were privileged in June to host a missionary friend at camp named Edwin Juma with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) from Nairobi, Kenya. He was sharing with several local churches and ministries while staying in the Huntsville area. During his stay, he shared how God has allowed their ministry to share the gospel with almost a million children in the past year and around 220,000 have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, as a result!  Read More




 "experiencing God"  (John 14:21 & 23) 


 Souled Out Camp 2011




Trinity Pines recently hosted the Mission Centers of Houston for their 2nd Annual Souled Out Camp. Youth from the Fletcher and Gano Missions and Joy Fellowship came together for the camp and it was a huge success! As partner ministries and fellow subsidiaries of Union Baptist Association , both Trinity Pines and MCH ministries greatly desire to strengthen our relationship and maximize our common ministry missions. Read More 


"through a Christ centered spiritual setting"  (Isaiah 58:10-14)


 Ed and Jeannie Dundore




Ed Dundore has been a sponsor for children's camp for 19 years. Last summer, he came with a camp to Trinity Pines and on Friday, at the end of the camp, he spoke to Director Phil Springer about returning as a volunteer in the future. Ed asked if we could use someone who worked on air conditioners. When Phil said we certainly could, Ed asked when he could return. Phil quickly replied, "How about Monday?"Read More




"so that they might know Him better"  (Ephesians 1:17)






God worked in miraculous ways at Preteen Camp last week. One of the highest impact answers to prayer occurred when Camp Pastor Scott Neal was sharing about Romans 8:28. He was making the point that "all things" means "all things". He had the campers raise their hands and share struggles in their lives. 




Mary Helen Smith Worship Center Dedication-

October 1, 2011



We hope that you will plan to come see for yourself all that God is doing at Trinity Pines.  In the meantime, prayer is what created this ministry and it is your prayers that will strengthen and sustain it.  Please continue to lift this ministry up to the Father.  If you would like to receive weekly prayer requests through the summer months, please subscribe to update your options and check the "prayer" option. Thank you!


Phil Springer and the Trinity Pines Staff Family





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