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The Pacific Rim Institute equips people and communities to live sustainably and care for Creation.
March 2015
Every day I get to look outside and see the fruits of our labor.  Knowing that this precious property is being restored and used for education and all our enjoyment,  and that we all had a hand in making that happen, is a great feeling!  We don't want it to stop there, though.

This place has immense potential for unique and practical education and influential habitat research. Our goal cannot stop at acquiring a property, it must continue to stewarding a property and using it in a way that honors the land and benefits the local and global community.

Will you consider making a commitment with us to support the profound work of equipping people and communities to live sustainably and care for Creation?

Monthly support is one of the most critical ways that you can support this work.

Please consider partnering with us with a monthly pledge of $10, $50 or $100.

Without funding, there are no internships preparing young adults for careers in conservation, there is no further restoration or protection of our native prairie and there are no educational programs for students and for the community. 

If you are already a monthly donor, thank you. You are making a critical difference.

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Holly M. Syreen
Development Director

Ways to Make a Monthly Pledge:

1. Go to our Website and make a pledge through PayPal. Select an amount with the drop-down-menu and click on 'Subscribe'. You will be taken to a PayPal page to complete the transaction.

2. Have your bank send us a check through your 'Bill Pay' program. Have them send to:
Pacific Rim Institute
180 Parker Road
Coupeville, WA 98239

3. Drop off or mail a check each month. Give us a call to let us know about your commitment so we can thank you!

Summer Internships and Jobs at PRI
2013 students campfire

Summer Restoration Intern (Deadline This Week!)
Would you like to gain valuable hands-on experience in conservation, habitat restoration, greenhouse management and more while spending 12 weeks on Whidbey Island?
Apply for our Internship by March 4, 2015.
Download a job description and application instructions here, or visit our website.

Food Service Staff
Would you like to spend 6 weeks on Whidbey Island and provide students with healthy meals made from fresh produce and local ingredients? Apply by March 23! 
We are looking for three Food Service Staff members (You can download the application instructions here). You can also visit our website.

Program Support Staff
Would you like to foster Christian community among college students studying ecology on Whidbey Island for 6 weeks?  Apply by March 23, 2015!
Download the application instructions here, or visit our website.

(COMING SOON!) Operations Manager Position
We will be publishing a job opening for Operations Manager in the next few weeks. If you know someone that might be interested in joining our team full time to run the office, support programs and assist with fundraising, please tell them to keep an eye on our website!
 visit our website.

Recent Happenings
We're Expecting!
Barn owls March 2011
Former PRI Barn owl fledglings   -  Photo by Robert K. Pelant

Well, not us exactly, but the Barn owls who are nesting in our historic barn. The female has laid five eggs and we anxiously await the opportunity to see the fledglings emerge and perch in nearby trees.

Barn Renovations Continue

Photo by Robert K. Pelant

The renovations of our historic barn continue with the tireless efforts of the Central Whidbey Lions Club, though we will be reducing our activity and impact on the barn until the young owls have a chance to fledge.  In the mean time, a set of barn doors has been removed from the barn to undergo repairs and restoration off site - allowing us to continue progress on the barn with minimal impact on the owls.

Great turn out for the Fruit Tree Classes and Grafting Day

Photo by Robert K. Pelant

The first community workshops of 2015 were a great success.  Thank you to everyone that presented and participated. Keep an eye out for more community workshops this year. Our next one will be on April 21 and will be about the potential impacts of feeding deer and other wildlife. More details below.

Upcoming Events
Plant-For-The-Planet Youth Event
March 28, 2015  10:00am - 7:30pm
At this event students learn climate justice and science, how to plant a tree, how to give a climate presentation, and make plans with the other ambassadors to engage the community on climate solutions. This year's event will be held at the Pacific Rim Institute.

Click here for more information and to register.  

Too Much Love?
Is feeding deer and other wildlife doing more harm than good?
Public presentation with Q&A
Tuesday, April 21, 2015   7:00pm
Coupeville Rec Hall
(Co-sponsored by Town of Coupeville and Pacific Rim Institute)

Presenters include Ruth Milner, WDFW District Wildlife Biology for Island County and staff from the WDFW Wildlife Conflict and Enforcement Programs.

Features of the Month
Photo of the Month (or TWO)
Submit your photos from our property or programs
   Planting Nootka Rose
Planting Nootka Rose Seeds
Photo by Jess Kim, PRI Intern

Sunrise on the Prairie
Photo by John Deir

Book of the Month
Each month we will share a book, article or resource with you that aligns with our mission.

Naturalist by Edward O. Wilson
Recommended by Dr. Joseph K. Sheldon, PRI Board

"Edward O. Wilson is one of the most highly regarded and respected scientists of the 20th century.  He is credited as the founder of the scientific disciplines of sociobiology and biogeography.  His research career in the study of insects (entomology) has spanned four decades at Harvard university bringing him recognition as the foremost specialist of the world's ants.  Among his numerous books, he has received two Pulitzer prizes.  The book Naturalist is considered to be one of the greatest scientific autobiographies ever written. It is a captivating read where Wilson traces his life from boyhood in Alabama to his career at Harvard where he emerged as one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century".  - J.K. Sheldon

In-Kind Need of the Month
Each month we will feature one item from our In-Kind Needs list on our website - found at the bottom of the homepage.  To donate, give us a call at (360) 678-5586.
Plastic Storage Bins: We always have need for storage solutions.  Plastic bins allow us to store various supplies and equipment in our coops without worrying about water or rodent damage. Must have lid. Most sizes needed.


Special Fundraiser

"Harry the Woodpecker's Search for a Home"
By Joy and Craig Johnson
Join Harry and Harriet's search for the perfect place to raise a family. Fly alongside these remarkable birds as they face and overcome challenges. Watch the dedicated parents create a nest cavity, then care for and teach their youngsters how to forage and survive on their own. Celebrate the renewal of life with these Hairy Woodpeckers. You can learn more about this book and the authors here.

If you purchase this book directly from Pacific Rim Institute, all proceeds will go towards paying back the loan for our recent property purchase.
$10.00 each or $12.00 if you need it shipped.
To get a copy, contact us at (360) 678-5586 or
In This Issue


Interested in volunteering at the Pacific Rim Institute?

We have several opportunities this spring.  This summer, we will bring back our Prairie Seed Challenge where volunteers compete for a prize for most hours spent collecting native seed.

Contact us if you are interested!

Annual Events
Prairie Open House
May 7 - 9, 2015

Join us for daily guided tours of the prairie!

Whidbey Raptor Day
September 19, 2015

Get up close and personal with hunters of the air!

Community Events
Whidbey Eco Net:

Check out the community events calendar on the Whidbey Eco-Net Website for environmentally related events, workshops, volunteer opportunities and more.

Join us!
The Pacific Rim Institute equips people and communities to live sustainably and care for Creation.

Please consider supporting this mission by making a donation.

2012 students campfire
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