The Pacific Rim Institute is a Christian not-for-profit organization that promotes the  
idea that humans, individually and collectively, are stewards, or caretakers, of this Earth, and that as stewards we have the call and responsibility to maintain our home on behalf of others.

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News from the Pacific Rim InstituteFebruary 2013

15 interns have come through PRI since 2010!

Rachel Nypaver
Aaron marks

Caitlin Peterson, Intern


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May Open HousePrairie Flora
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Over 100 people visited us last year - shall we be bold and expect 200 this year?

Stations of the CrossThe Journey Begins - Carol Snoble

Join us for the 3rd annual Stations of the Cross exhibit.  Local artists express the life of Jesus before his resurrection.   

March 25 - April 1
Pacific Rim Institute
(more info to come)


Other Local Events

Join Whidbey Sun & Wind for a free workshop to learn how to harvest the sun's energy for your home and save money, too.

Pacific Rim Institute
March 6, 6:30 - 8pm


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Do you ever wonder about the future? I do.  All the time.  Sometimes it excites me and sometimes it terrifies me. 

Yesterday, I was reminded why it excites me.  I got to mingle with science and engineering students at Seattle Pacific University and find out what they hope to do with their careers.  Their hopes and dreams are awesome! Alex, a female engineering student, wants to design more sustainable systems for cities and businesses.  Bree hopes to combine her love of chemistry and athletics to engineer better shoes and athletic equipment.  I spoke with student after student that wanted to make something new to improve our world.  This fills me with hope.

There are many reasons that Pacific Rim Institute exists.  Today, I want to remind you of just one of those reasons:  To inspire and develop new leaders that will protect and improve our shared home. 

If you share this vision, will you please make a gift today?  Your donation of $10, $50, $100 or $500 will allow us to offer more internships, create more education opportunities and inspire new leaders. 

It is your generosity that makes this possible!

With many thanks and warm regards,

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Holly M. Kress, CNP 
Development Director

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Use our new prairie guides for FREE!

We recently published a small guide to prairies on Whidbey Island.  We donated a set to the Coupeville Middle school and we have another set (30 books) available to loan out for your own education programs (FOR FREE). These books were written with the middle school age in mind, but have elements that can engage any reader. This book was created by our former intern, Lydia Roush, with support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife as the outreach portion of our larger Golden paintbrush project.  We hope this book will help educate the younger generation and their parents about the fastest disappearing ecosystem in Washington.  If you are interested in seeing the book or borrowing the set, contact Holly Kress at or (360) 678-5586. 

LAUNCH Campaign Update

We have crossed the $300,000 mark! Thank you!

Your gift today will continue to move us towards our goals.

These funds will help us secure the property, make necessary safety upgrades to our facilities, and improve our programs.



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PRI has been chosen to receive funds from this year's Whidbey Island Garden Tour.  Funds awarded will depend on this year's ticket sales, If sales go well, we will receive $1,000 to maintain our trails. 
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Joe Sheldon with Students 2010