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October 9, 2015  -  26 Tishrei 5776

Shabbat Candle Lighting - 6:31 PM
Shabbat Ends - 7:38 PM     
Weekly Dvar Torah 

In his famous essay, "The Lonely Man of Faith," Rav Soloveitchik develops the idea that the obligation to imitate G-d extends to G-d's capacity to create. We are to build, create, and produce in the world, just as Hashem built, created, and produced the universe. The Rav claimed that this is what is meant by the concept of "tzelem Elokim," that man is created in the "image of G-d" (Bereishit 1:26-27). Man resembles G-d in that he, too, is endowed with this creative power. The obligation to follow G-d's lead thus includes the responsibility to build and develop.

This coming week we are excited to begin classes as part of our Josh Sindler creative arts program.  Ms. Rita Gauscheman has prepared a fabulous art curriculum as well as after school clubs that will teach our students various artistic techniques, the ability to think out of the box, and tap into their creative and unique personalities. In addition, Morah Eve Swearingen will begin her after school violoin clubs.  At Hillel, we do not view this program as extra classes which are tangential to our core curriculum, rather they are classes that will enhance our students' ability to fulfill our mission to imitate Hashem.  Through art, one can learn how to think, how to build, and how to create. With these abilities, we can continue to grow and help create a better community and world. Thank you again to the Sindler family for making these programs possible.  Their vision and support is inspirational. 

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Sam Weinberg
New Teen Class
 Together with J'Line Hillel Academy is proud to offer:

Open Beit Midrash with Dinner for Teens at Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh

Study Texts Over A Great Meal with Your Friends
Tuesdays, beginning with October 20th - First Session With Rabbi Akiva Sutofsky: "The Talmud on Modern Ethical Dilemmas" concerning the Conjoined Twins Dilemma
Bring a Friend and Your Appetite!

For questions please email

If you don't know which club you signed up for, please email Remember to be on time for pick-up or you will incur a late fee. 
  • Click HERE to register for BHS clubs

    2015 Fall/Winter Club Schedule
    Grades K-3                                                                                
    • ART - Wednesdays
    • BALLET I - Tuesdays
    • BASEBALL  - Thursdays
    • CAFE IVRIT - Tuesdays
    • CERAMICS - Tuesdays
    • MITZVOS/MIDDOS - Wednesdays
    • SPORTS CLUB  - Mondays
    • SPORTS CLUB - Tuesdays
    Girls, Grades  4-8
    • ART 1 - Thursdays - Ms. Myers
    • ART 2 - Thursdays -  Ms. Gauscheman
    • BASKETBALL -Wednesdays
    • CERAMICS - Tuesdays
    • CHABURA  - Tuesdays
    Boys, Grades 4-8
    • ART - Wednesdays
    • BASKETBALL - Tuesdays/Thursdays + games
    • HOCKEY - Thursdays
    • MISHMAR - Tuesdays and Wednesdays (6:30 PM- 7:10 PM)
    • MISHNA - Mondays
    • CROSSFIT - Tuesdays
    • CHABURA - Mondays - 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM - begins October 19
    • MOCK TRIAL - Tuesdays & Wednesdays
    • NEWSPAPER - Meetings will take place during lunch
    • YUNMUN - Sundays
    • BASKETBALL - Sunday and Tuesdays
    • YUNMUN - Sundays
    • MOCK TRIAL - Tuesdays & Wednesdays
    • MISHMAR - Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays, 7:20 PM - 8:10 PM
Contact for more information  or call 412.521.8131    
Hillel Gear Spotted Here!
Hillel Gear stretches near and far.  Each week we feature photos that families send into the Hillel Happenings with different items of Hillel swag.  If you are looking to purchase Hillel Gear, you will be able to during our Fall Sale.  

Over the summer Yonah Schlesinger (FYI: the Schlesiner and Krauts are cousins) was married in Cleveland, Mazel Tov! He made sure to don his Hillel hoody before getting into his tux! 

Do you buy your cousins Hillel gear?  Well, your opportunity will soon be here when we release the fall 2015 catalog. 

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Flashback Fridays Photo Challenge
We are so proud of our alumni!  We continue to strive to keep them current on Hillel news and we want to know what they are up to.  One of our more simple ways to do this is to post a photo from back in the day.  You think you know the people in the photo?  Great! E-mail us your guess and we will publish your name if you guess correctly. 

This week's photo:
Around Town 
Please send information by Sunday to
  • PITTSBURGH ZOO: Sunday, October 11 Free admission day 9am-5pm (gates close at 4pm)
  • KETHER TORAH: Sunday mornings at 8:30 AM. Davening followed by learning, coffee and cake at Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh. All are invited!
  • GIRLS ONEG: Girl's Oneg: Come join us each week in the PZ Educational Building!  For all girls in grades K-5 from 3:30-4:30Teen Scene: Girls in grades 5-8, stay tuned for our next exciting activity!!  Girls in grades 6 & 7, we hope to see you on Shabbos! E-mail Chedva at
     for details. Hope to see you there!
  • J'LINE:  Jewish Life at the JCC New Six-Week Classes for Teens: Current Events, Yoga, Israel, Jewish Humor, Film and More Join us for fun learning and a bagel breakfast Sunday mornings at the JCC! 
    For more information, please contact Carolyn Gerecht, and also view our Facebook pageTo view our class guide, please visit 
    What: Fun games and activities
    Who: All 2nd-8th graders
    When: Next week, October 17th @ 4 pm
    Where: Shaare Torah
  • Senator John Heinz History Center & Western PA Sports Museum: Sunday, October 11 is Free admission day 10am-5pm
Hillel Gym Schedule 
There are many athletic classes offered in our gym, most are free of charge. They are not school sponsored so please contact the person in charge of that group with questions.  If you are interested in using our gym please contact Danny Shaw - 
Tomchei Shabbos


Dear Friends:

We really need additional volunteers for the Tomchei program, I urge you to please contact me to join a team. We really need your help! Thanks.
If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in volunteering, please contact me at 

                                            of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
                                                                  Administered by:
                                                   Jewish Family & Children's Service
                               5743 Bartlett Street  Pittsburgh, PA  15217  (412) 422-5627  Fax (412) 428-8200
CONTACT PERSON:                       Alayne Lowenberger, Director
Central Scholarship & Loan Referral Service of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Jewish Family & Children's Service
(412) 422-5627
Financial aid for 2016-2017 is available from the Central Scholarship and Loan Referral Service (CSLRS) of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. This program is administered by Jewish Family & Children's Service.  The funds are made available through the generosity of families who have established endowments through the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Community Center, National Council of Jewish Women, Jewish Women International of Pittsburgh (formerly B'nai B'rith Women), Jewish Home for Babies and Children, The Pittsburgh Foundation, and Rodef Shalom Congregation.
Scholarships are distributed on the basis of demonstrated financial need.  Some funding sources also require high academic achievement.  In addition, the applicant must be Jewish, reside in Allegheny, Westmoreland, Beaver, Butler or Washington County for at least two years, and need financial assistance to attend an accredited institution of higher education as either an undergraduate or graduate student.  For school year 2016-2017 Central Scholarship will again be using an on-line application process.  The on-line applications will be available at in late November.  For more information call JF&CS at (412) 422-5627 or write to:  Central Scholarship & Loan Referral Service, 5743 Bartlett Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. 
First-time applicants must be interviewed.  All applications should be submitted as early as possible to ensure processing.
The deadline for 2016-2017 applications is February 11, 2016.


Old SAT v. New SAT v. ACT: Which is Right for Your Student?
Changes are coming for the class of 2017!  Next year the College Board will be revising the SAT, offering both an old and new version.  The Old SAT will be offered in October, November, December and January, while the New SAT will be offered in March, May, and June.  Colleges will accept scores from either exam.  Meanwhile, in the past two years, more students nationwide took the ACT than the SAT.  The ACT is now accepted at all major colleges and universities and can be submitted in place of the SAT. 
Come learn about the differences between the Old SAT, New SAT, and ACT, and which one might be best for your student.  We'll be providing free SAT/ACT Information Sessions at the Hillel Academy Library on the following dates: 
  • Monday, October 12, 7pm 
The presentations will cover:
  • Major differences between the Old SAT, New SAT and ACT
  • How to determine whether your student may do better on one test or another
  • A detailed comparison of Old SAT, New SAT and ACT sections
  • If preparing for both the SAT and ACT, which test to try first
  • Any other questions you may have during our Q&A session
If you'd like to attend, please RSVP via email to or call 412-521-8131. You can also learn more by viewing the SAT v ACT Comparison page on our website,  Please contact us with any questions, 412-874-7645.
All attendees will receive free full-length, authentic practice tests.  Old SAT, New SAT and ACT practice tests will be made available!
About Goldstein Test Prep
  • Elite Teachers - Goldstein Test Prep teachers have scored in the 97th percentile of test-takers and have attended an Ivy League or equivalent undergraduate program.  Teachers on staff have attended local schools such as Shady Side Academy, Fox Chapel, Pine-Richland, North Allegheny Oakland Catholic, Vincentian, Quaker Valley and Allderdice. 
  • Accolades - Goldstein Test Prep was recently selected by CBS Local as one of the top SAT/ACT preparation programs in the region.  
  • The Right Program - We offer SAT classes, ACT classes, combined SAT-ACT programs, and private tutoring that can be tailored to any student's particular needs.  
  • More Information - To learn more about one of the most recommended programs in the Pittsburgh Area, visit our website at

5685 Beacon Street - Pittsburgh, PA 15217 
  (F) 412-521-5150

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