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Pesach 5775
14 Nisan - 22 Nisan

 April 3, 2015 
Candle Lighting
7:28 PM

April 4, 2015
Candle Lighting
8:37 PM

April 5, 2015
8:38 PM

 April 9, 2015  
Candle Lighting

April 10, 2015
Candle Lighting
7:35 PM

April 11, 2015
8:44 PM

The Hagadah
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Weekly Photos

Getting Ready for Pesach - 5775
Getting Ready for Pesach - 5775
Preparing for Barech
Preparing for the Sedar - Barech

Matzah Baking 


Hagadah Making & Pesach Prep                                                                                    

Model Sedar



Go Figure 

Pounds of flower used for matzah baking. 
Facebook "likes" of the Hillel Academy page. NINE more than last week. We are pushing for 500. 
Who is going to be our 500th?!? 

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Hours of matzah baking by Mr. Kraut and Rabbi Admon
and only...

Burnt finger - refuah shelamah
Liters of water used for matzah baking.

Flashback Fridays Photo Challenge

We are so proud of our alumni!  We continue to strive to keep them current on Hillel news and we want to know what they are up to.  One of our more simple ways to do this is to post a photo from back in the day.  You think you know the people in the photo?  Great! E-mail us your guess and we will publish your name if you guess correctly. 


If you guessed last week's photo was of Kally and Ranisa Rubin then you were correct!


Mazel tov to the following people who emailed the Hillel Happenings the correct answer.
 Tova Weinberg, Ella Ziff, and Raimy Rubin.  Good job!

This Week's Photo 

Last Week's Photo



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 Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh Student Blog.  GHS student Rivka has posted new topics, check them out and let us know what you think. [email protected]


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Fun Pesach YouTubes
Six13 - P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R
Six13 - P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R
Six13 - Pesach Shop (2013 Passover Jam)
Six13 - Pesach Shop 
A.K.A. Pella Presents: 2014- A Pesach Medley
A.K.A. Pella Presents: 2014- A Pesach Medley
The Maccabeats - Les Misérables - Passover
The Maccabeats - Les Misérables - Passover

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WE ARE LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES OR FAMILIES THAT WOULD BENEFIT FROM THE TOMCHEI SHABBOS PROGRAM! If you are interested or know someone who might benefit from the program, please contact Rabbi Wasserman at [email protected]. All inquiries are strictly confidential.
8th Grade Raffle Tickets for Sale

Buy your 8th grade Raffle Tickets   - proceeds go to fund their Washington D.C. trip. 


1 for $2 or 3 for $5 - 4 tickets to a Pittsburgh Pirates game and various gift cards are among some of the prizes. 

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@mickimyers - Watercolor tiles using homemade paints for art club. @HillelAcademy1
Around Town 


  • NCSY - Enjoy your Pesach!
  • BNEI AKIVA: Snif this week is back at its new time, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM at Shaare Torah Cong. On Murray Ave. 
  • KESSER TORAH: Sunday mornings at 8:30am. Davening followed by learning, coffee and cake at Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh. All are invited!
  • GIRLS ONEG: Girl's Oneg every Shabbos from 3-4 in the PZ Educational Building.  All girls in grade K-6 are welcome!  Join us for a special Pre-Pesach program, "Makos Madness" on Shabbos March 28th!  No Girl's Oneg on April 4th and 11th.
 Please send information by Sunday to [email protected].


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