December 22, 2014
Newsletter: Alumni Edition

Welcome to the first edition of our special TeenForce Alumni newsletter. We are sending this exclusively to the 400+ teens and young adults who have been placed in jobs by TeenForce. Thank you for being part of the TeenForce family and our successful growth.  

We are starting to get job placement opportunities for more sophisticated jobs, perhaps requiring a college degree or substantial work experience. We would like to expose those jobs to our alumni.
Below you can read about two of our successful alumni. We would like to know what you have been up to as we know that many of you have completed college and/ or landed great jobs on your own.  Please consider sending us a quick update to We would love to hear from you!

"Many of you have been an important part of building the successful TeenForce brand. Because of your successful performance on the job, you have made it easier for other youth to get their first jobs through TeenForce."

- John Hogan, CEO and Founder 


First TeenForce employee has two degrees and is working in the Windy City 


Michelle Aranovsky began supporting TeenForce while it was still just an idea.  While a junior at Los Gatos High, Michelle helped do research on the TeenForce business plan, documenting the ins and outs of labor laws for minors.  When TeenForce was launched, Miche lle was our first accountant, and we still use the accounting procedures manual that she developed.  Michelle has now earned bachelors and masters degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, and she worked at Boeing for two summers as an intern.  She is now with Deloitte in Chicago working as a Business Technology Analyst, specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain management. 


From Laundry Attendant to Wingstop to the US Marine Corps


We couldn't be more proud of Lance Corporal Donna Pham of the United States Marine Corps.  Donna started with TeenForce when she was 16, helping deal with the laundry at a retirement community.  She quickly graduated to a more fun assignment with Wingstop and worked there over a year.  She graduated high school a semester early and realized her dream of qualifying for the Marine Corps.  After completing 22 weeks of boot camp and training in the Carolinas, Donna's first duty station was in Okinawa, Japan where she spent 1 year!  Coincidentally, like Michelle, Donna is in the supply chain business.  Donna is a Supply Administration and Operations Specialist at a Marine Base in San Diego.  Donna says, "My decision to join the Marine Corps has been the best choice I've made.  I have secured a great job and future for myself and my daughter. I have grown into a well-rounded individual and learned many valuable lessons on the way.  The best is yet to come." 


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