Think you already know Mission 2 Organize? Well, after 6 years of monthly newsletters and How 2 videos, we hope so!

Maybe you're one of the people who reads our articles and watches our video every month, but have never taken the plunge to hire us for a project. Now is the time to delve a little deeper into the heart of M2O. 

After 6 years of organizing appointments, boy do we have stories!! In the article below, each of us shares a fond story of a past client. We'll let you know when the full book comes out. ;-) 

One question we get from new clients a lot is, "How does it work?" Since we hear this so often, we decided to make a video on M2O-TV to answer this common question. We explain what happens before, during and after your appointment with our team. 
Another great way to get to know us better is to follow us on FacebookThis is the month that you can take the plunge and hire us for 10% off any of our services. With that kind of discount, you can try ALL of our services!

VIDEO: What It's Like to Hire Mission 2 Organize

When a client calls to inquire about hiring Mission 2 Organize, they usually want to know what the experience is like. Now everyone can know what it's like to hire M2O. Watch this video to find out the organizing process before, during and after your appointment with our teams. We take the mystery out of it so you feel comfortable welcoming our friendly team into your space. 

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Why It's Better to Work with
2 Professional Organizers at Once

Much like the English phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen", there is a phrase in Farsi (Persian Language) that says, 2 cooks in the kitchen results in food that is too salty or has no salt at all. That might be true for cooking, but it sure isn't true for organizing.
I see this in action all the time when I go back home to Iran. Both family gatherings and food are huge parts of my culture. In Iran, a small family gathering means over 50 guests. You would be amazed at how many people work in the smallest kitchen preparing a meal.
There are some washing dishes, a few getting plates to the table, while others get drinks and water pitchers ready. It works like a charm and it's so much fun watching so many hands efficiently working together to serve delicious food. Some projects simply work best in groups.

6 Years of Organizing Adventures
Stories From the Organizers

Bahar Partow
Co-founder/Professional Organizer

"Organizing has been the most humbling and rewarding career I have ever had. It is so amazing to see the transformation in the lives of our clients every single day. All this aside, my favorite part is finding long lost objects that the client thought they lost despite years of searching. When I find things for clients, there is always a surprised look on their face and a spark in their eyes, followed by the words "I thought I lost this forever!" or "Do you know how long I have been looking for this?" It always brings such happiness to me. I feel like I am the Queen of the Lost and Found. One of my favorite stories is the time that I found a wedding ring that was lost for 10 years in the kitchen that client used every single day! Granted the ring did not fit anymore but the client was happy nonetheless."

Schae Lewis, CPOŽ
Co-founder/Certified Professional Organizer

"Many of our clients come to us during a time of transition in their lives. Some have lost a loved one while others have recently gone through a divorce. During our first year in business, we had a client who was packing up to move in with her boyfriend. While you might expect that this was a happy time for her, she was clearly emotional about this new chapter in her life. As the tears started to flow down her cheek, Bahar and I looked at each other for one second and the next second I was hugging her and offering her comfort despite the fact we had just met. Since then, many tears have fallen and many hugs have been shared. And I have been designated as the Official Hugger!"

Mackenzie Scott

"A client I will never forget was overwhelmed by items she collected just in case they could be put to good use. I didn't know her story, or how she came to need our help, but she and I just clicked. As we left with bags full of items she thought would help her gain control, I could tell that she was going to close the door, sit down in her new space and feel proud of herself. Organizing empowers people to do better for themselves and that is what makes this job so rewarding."

A Message from Our Co-founders...

Every year as we celebrate another anniversary, we look back on the year that has just passed. This one has been eventful. Last February Schae earned her certification in professional organizing. In April, Bahar and Schae attended the national conference for professional organizers. And in December, we hired our first employee. 

At this point, we have years of experiences under our belt, including successes and lessons learned. Each of these, no matter how challenging, have brought us to the point where we are now and, for that, we are grateful. 

Some of you have been with us the whole time and others have only recently discovered the benefits of being organized by M2O. Each client relationship is unique which makes every day exciting and interesting. Plus we've met the most amazing people! 

There are clients who consider us to be their friends, their confidantes, their lifeline. The joy this brings us is incalculable. We feel so honored to be able to be there to support our clients in their quest for a better life. 
Are you ready to move on, move up or move out? Contact us through our website or by email and we'll get you on your way to greatness. We'll see you for the next 6 years!


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