You're probably hearing the sound of Jingle Bells these days, but wouldn't you be more excited to hear the cha-ching of a cash register giving you money for your unwanted items?
Well you're in luck because this month we are talking about how you can turn your clutter into cash. Have you caught any of it on our Facebook page? If not, check out the article below. We'll show you the hottest apps to use for getting rid of your stuff while making a buck or two.
Apps aren't really your thing? Don't worry. There are plenty of other options when it comes to cashing in on your clutter. Check out our latest video on M2O-TV to learn how to pawn off your clothing, housewares and electronics. You didn't know you may be sitting on a gold mine, did you?
The ladies of M2O help our clients sell their best luxury pieces all the time. If you have never tried out this service, try it this month. We're taking a reduced commission, this month only, so you can pocket more of the profits. 

VIDEO: How 2 Decide What to Sell or Donate

Have you ever wondered what you have that you can sell? Well, you're not alone! Many of our clients hold on to clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, jewelry and more in the hopes of one day selling them for cash. It's not easy to do but if you follow the advice in this video, you just may find yourself with a few things to sell and a few more to donate.

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We think de-cluttering is one of the best practices for letting go of the old and making room for the new. Our clients purge for many reasons. Sometimes it is downsizing, moving across the state, or making room for a new addition to the family. No matter the reason for purging, you are going to end up with a pile of stuff that you don't need anymore. Some things can be donated but you might want to sell some things as well.
For the most part, selling your items online is a time consuming effort regardless of the outlet you use to sell. If you choose to sell items online, consider that you have to take good pictures, research pricing, list your items, keep in touch with potential buyers and, in most cases, ship the items. Here are some helpful time saving apps for selling items online.
It's no wonder this one makes the top of the list. ebay is the pioneer of selling online and still remains a front runner. You can sell almost anything on this online marketplace. Because of its reputation for online shopping, ebay is highly trusted by many buyers and sellers. The app for this marketplace is actually quicker for listing than the website. If you do not wish to put too much effort into selling you can also use the ebay valet service. With this service you just ship the items and ebay sellers will list and sell it for you for a higher percentage of commission.
For selling clothing and accessories, especially designer labels, Poshmark is one of the best options. You can find a large network of buyers and sellers on Poshmark that are willing to negotiate the price, making this app very seller friendly. Posting and listing is also easy on this app. Just snap a few good pictures and upload them with descriptions on to the site. Poshmark  will also help you with shipping by sending you ready to ship boxes and hosting virtual parties to sell items. The service is a little pricey since they take about 20% of your sale for commission.

Help Us Welcome the Newest Member of Team M2O: Mackenzie!

Mackenzie joined us through our internship program. After working with her, we knew that she was a perfect fit for Mission 2 Organize. If you haven't met her yet, you will. We know that our clients will be as impressed with her infectious enthusiasm, genuine personality and hard working attitude as we are!

Perfect for the Holidays 

Instead of giving the gift of clutter this year, consider giving the gift of peace of mind. Mission 2 Organize will send a gift certificate in any amount to the person of your choosing. Don't spend your hard earned money on stuff that your family and friends will need to dust off or put in storage. They deserve the magic touch of organization!

A Message from Our Co-founders...

When a prospective client calls, we always seem to get questions like, "I (hoard, cry, have pets, have a hard time letting go, need a firm hand...). Are you familiar with dealing with that?" Our answer is always, "YES"! 

That's not only because we've actually seen it all, but because we get it! We understand all of the emotions that go along with getting organized. 

We see so many clients who over-purchase. It's especially hard for our clients who pay top dollar for luxury items and therefore find it hard to rid themselves of these pricey items. It gets a little bit easier when we tell them that we can help them recoup some of their investment. 

Unless you can still return the item, the honest truth is that you will never get all of your money back. But the fact that we can help our clients turn an unused, unwanted item into a few bucks usually puts a smile on their face. 

Are you smiling? Feel free to reach out to us anytime on our website or through email. Our team of professional organizers will put a smirk on your face and a pep in your step.


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Try M2O's "Clutter 2 Cash"
We've cut our commission in HALF!

Did you know that Mission 2 Organize can help you sell your most valuable belongings? Maybe these are things that you have outgrown, that have served their purpose or bring with them negative memories. We'll get them out of your space and you get a check in return. Plus, this month, we'll cut our commission to only 20%. Now is your chance to turn your clutter into cash!

*Expires: December 31, 2015
*Must mention offer when requesting.
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