Photography sure has changed over the past decade since Kodak ceased production of film cameras.
While most of us use the camera on our smart phones, there are a nostalgic few who still treasure their stand alone cameras. If you are one of those, check out the article below for tips on keeping your camera equipment organized.
If you or someone you know is a photographer, this month's video is for you. The tips and tricks you will learn in this video will help to make your equipment easier to organize in even small spaces.
We are pleased to offer a discount for all of you out there who need help organizing your print and digital photos. It's time to finally make it happen and with M2O, you can always be assured that it will be fun!

VIDEO: How 2 Organize a Photography Studio

It's no surprise that many of our friends are 
photographers since our Co-founder, Bahar, has been a photographer herself for over 18 years. Come with us to her photography studio to learn what she does to keep all of her photo equipment organized.  

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ArticleHow to Organize Your Photo Equipment

There was a time when someone had to be either extremely privileged or super lucky to have even one picture taken of them during their lifetime. Photography required heavy equipment and real knowledge of how to work those giant cameras. It's so much different nowadays, some days we take over 100 images and all we use is our cellphone, a device that can fit in the palm of our hands. But there are still some of us out there holding onto professional cameras and lenses due to the fact that photography is our craft or just a dear hobby. This article is for those true "photographers at heart" with a big or small collection of camera equipment to show them how to organize and store it all with grace.


Gather, Sort & Group


Gather your cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, wires, chargers, batteries, memory cards, flashes and any other thing that you use when you take pictures. Once you gather all the items, group them based on their function and how you use them. Do you take all the lenses with you when you go for a shoot? Do you only charge your camera at home? Do you need extra SD cards with you? These are the kind of questions that will help you group your items based on your needs.


Designate Space


Now pick a space in your house that will work to store this equipment that is safe and out of the way. A shelf in your office is an ideal space but any closet or storage that is well protected and climate controlled can do the job. If you only use these items on very rare occasion, store them on the top shelf. On the other hand, for more frequent use, choose lower shelf or a more accessible spot. Put them in a location that makes most sense to you. For example, our clients who use their pro camera gear during a trip have everything set up next their travel section in the closet.



TV Pilot Featuring M2O!

Simplify is a TV pilot for a show about getting organized and keeping it simple. M2O's Schae was honored to serve as the resident expert on set.

Watch the entire episode or just the sizzle reel.
A Message from Our Co-founders...

We recently spoke with a company that is getting ready to launch a new closet organizing app. In the midst of our conversation, we found ourselves discussing the random things we find in our clients' master bedroom closets. 

One anomaly we have found in many closets is boxes of pictures. We always remove these boxes and anything else that does not belong there like housewares, holiday decorations, and artwork. 

Once those boxes are removed, what happens to them? Usually they are moved to the basement or storage space where they sit untouched for years at a time. With the help of the professionals at M2O, our clients can turn these cherished memories into a photo album or an orderly system.

On the other hand if you fall into the category of "I Have Thousands of Digital Images That I Will Never Find", you're not alone. Watch our video "How 2 Organize Printed Pictures & Digital Photos" to get some crucial ideas for taming your digital chaos.

We are here to help you with so many of the little things that can get away from us when we are so busy. You can reach us anytime on our website or through email. We are honored to change your life in both big and small ways!


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