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How 2 Use One Room for Many Purposes
How 2 Use One Room 
for Many Purposes

If you wish you had more space in your home then this is the video for you. Creating a multi-purpose room may be the answer for you.


The professional organizers at Mission 2 Organize will show you how to make this goal a reality. You will learn how to decide if this is the right option for you and then we will take you through the steps of unified separation.


As usual, our experts will also share all the secret tips you've been dying to know. Stick with M2O and all of your organizing  fantasies are sure to come true!


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Target has a nice selection of furniture that can easily convert an impersonal office into an office/workout room. We love this store because of the huge selection and affordable prices. 

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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Our friend (wink, wink), Oprah Winfrey has been quoted as saying, "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

We agree. Sometimes you will find that you already have exactly what you need, you just may need to get creative with it. That's what we help our clients do. 

This month we are releasing our latest video which takes you step by step through the processes of creating a multi-functional space. 

We also share with you 10 ideas for re-purposing containers you may have at home. We guarantee you haven't thought of some of these crazy ideas yet!

If you want to transform one of your rooms this month, take advantage of our  September savings. Before you know it, you will be bragging to your friends about your "new" room.

Life changes, people change and our lifestyles adapt, so why shouldn't our organizing products do the same? Who said they can't?! Here at M2O we love to re-use and re-purpose as many products as we can. If our clients have something in their house that can be used as a container, we do our best to reuse it for a new purpose. We have turned so many shoe boxes, vases and so on into organizing supplies that we have lost count. Here are a few examples of the many products that we gave a second life by turning them into useful organizers.

Our client "L" got these CD organizers with the intention to organize her CDs. However, once she turned all of her CDs in to digital files and got rid of them, she had no idea what to do with all of the CD organizers. It just so happened that all of her craft supplies needed a new home and a better way to be organized. It was a match made in heaven! We ended up using all 10 of these colorful fun organizers in a new craft station that she now loves.

Magazine holders, for the most part, are an overlooked container. Their unusual yet useful tall and skinny structure makes them a great candidate for organizing things other than magazines. Our client "M" had so many office supplies but not enough horizontal space to store them. These magazine holders where the perfect solution for the job! We were able to use the vertical space to our advantage, maximize her space and make everything easy to access.
Sometimes the solution is unconventional but worth searching for. Most of the time if a product is designed to sort and store one item, it can also sort and store other items as well. You just have to match the right object to its home. Here, we gave a new purpose to an unwanted wine rack by turning it into a gift wrap holder. This newspaper holder ended up being the perfect place to stash tissue papers. Now our client has a sturdy gift wrapping section and she didn't have to buy a thing to make it happen!

A Message from the Co-founders...

We work in a big city where living quarters are small so we have to get creative with our own and our clients spaces. Happily, we accept the challenge!


Creating two or more distinct sections in one space isn't always as simple as a lack of space though. One of our recent clients had a multi-level home with plenty of storage space but there were four family members (plus staff) using the home. Because of this, the workout room needed to double as a playroom for the kids. Sorry Dad! :-)


So we drew very clear lines in the room, designating one area with two walls and floor space for the bins of children's toys and even a drum set. Across the room, where the punching bags hung, was the perfect place to store the weights, boxing gloves and resistance bands.


Now Dad, kids and Mom are happy and enjoying their own separate but unified spaces. You can do this too! Just because you don't have an extra room doesn't mean you can't have a crafting area or even a library. 

Think about the changes you want to make and give us a call. You can contact us anytime by email or through our website. Changes are coming your way!

At Your Service,

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