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How 2: 10 Unpacking Tips
How 2: 10 Unpacking Tips

So you packed up all your worldly possessions, you survived the moving company and now you have a house full of unopened boxes. Where the heck do you get started?

Start by watching this video from the professional organizers at Mission 2 Organize. We have shared with you our best tips on unpacking your moving boxes.

There is definitely a proper procedure to follow when starting to unpack your boxes. Follow our advice and you won't have a bunch of open but still half-full boxes cluttering up your new space.

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As an agent for Allied Van Lines, Federal Companies has limitless capabilities when moving individuals, families, businesses, employees and products all over the nation and world.

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May is National Moving Month and we are stoked about it! Did you know that packing and unpacking are two of our favorite things to do?

Our clients move in literally any and every month throughout the year. Stuff happens. Your lease is up, you're moving in with your partner or, even better, you're building your dream home.

Whatever your situation, relocating has a lot of moving parts. Get it?! Luckily, there is no need to take a class to learn how to juggle it all. 

Mission 2 Organize is here to catch a few of those balls for you. You (and your friends) can trust us to give sound advice, pack all of your belongings with care and unpack your new digs with extreme attention to detail. 
There is always a lot of work to do when you're packing up all your possessions so we have two options to save you money on your move. You can become an "O" Club member for up to 28% off our regular rates. Or you can book one full day for $150 off. Don't do it alone, call the ladies of M2O!


Yesterday I called up a long time, dear friend of mine. As we chatted about life, she informed me she was moving again. In the past year she has moved from the state of California to the state of Texas while travelling in a RV to everywhere in between. She has lived in a condo, an RV and a house.


Naturally with every different situation she has to downsize, rent storage, pack u-hauls and make a ton of arrangements. Now that she is moving back to California

again, we chatted and joked about all of the drama that comes with moving. Hearing her and her challenges inspired me to write down a few tips on the benefits of organized move management systems. 

Since my friend has moved so much in the past year and Misson 2 Organize has helped so many clients move, we talked for longer than expected. That's why this ended up as a 3-part series.




Planning ahead is
your saving grace

Moving is like any other event in life. Your outcome will be vastly improved if only you have prepared yourself by planning out all the steps ahead of time. But that doesn't mean everything is going to go exactly as you planned.  You can plan the perfect outdoor wedding but if it rains you have to be prepared and flexible. Similarly if you plan your move in the best way possible, you can manage the curve balls with ease.




After you determine your expenses for the move, you need to budget them out. At first, divide them to big groups like Rent, Mortgage, Move. Then you can start getting into more details. For example, the category of Move can be broken down to subcategories: Packing, Unpacking, Movers, Materials, Cleaners, Painters and so on. Make sure to leave room for errors or unexpected expenses. Once you know how much each subcategory is going to cost you, update your budgeting spreadsheet.



After you read Part 1

dive into Part 2 and Part 3.


A Message from the Co-founders...
We love packing and unpacking, but when we tell people that, they usually roll their eyes and sigh with exhaustion. 

That's understandable. Moving isn't easy. There are so many logistics to consider and manage.

We get it, but we also know that when you take the time to plan out all the elements of your move well in advance and you hire professionals to help you, the whole process will go a lot more smoothly.

It's very rewarding to be there for our clients who are relocating. They are so appreciative to be able to use us as an experienced resource that can be trusted.

The next time that you or someone you know is moving, know that Mission 2 Organize is ready and armed with the know-how needed to settle into your new surroundings with grace.

Contact us anytime by email or through our website. You'll be glad you did!

At Your Service,

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Mission 2 Organize LLC 

"O Your Move" Tip

Moving Day is like your birthday ...exciting with a dash of "I feel like I want to puke". 

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This month kicks off a frenzied season of relocation. Are you or your acquaintances one of the millions who will be on the move this month? 

M2O's "O Your Move" May discount applies to:
  • packing,
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  • move management.
Our team can be trusted to pack your boxes carefully and unpack your belongings with an abundance of thought and skill. 

*Expires: May 31, 2015
*Must mention offer when booking.
*Maximum monthly discount of $450.

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