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How 2 Combine Households
VIDEO: How 2 Combine Households

If you have ever moved in with your romantic partner, you know how challenging it can be. Moving, in general, is stressful. Then add to it the fact that you are combining two people's possessions into one. Not an easy task!

Whose things do you keep?
Whose items have to go?
What feelings are brought
to the surface as a result?

Watching this video is like having an outsider come in to break ties and give an unbiased opinion. Start here and then call us to keep the peace and create a functional space that everyone can agree upon.

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Chances are your romantic partner is not exactly the same level of "organized" as you. We are here to tell you that this is not a deal breaker.

Couples can learn to please each other's appetite for organization by listening, caring and communicating. There are plenty of techniques that an organizer can teach you which will ultimately provide peace within your shared space.

Moving in together? Watch this month's video on M2O-TV to see what you can do to make it a smooth transition. You and your love can also join us over on Facebook for daily inspiration.

That is where our biggest fans hang out. We want to thank them (and all of you) by offering 10% off any service performed this month. It's our way of saying "We love our customers!"

We have been organizers for a while now so you know we have seen and organized it all. From fifty shades of gray to fifty shades of red and every color in between. So far, we haven't came across a skeleton in a closet and we like to keep it that way.


When people ask us to tell them about the most scandalous things we organize, we just can't think of any because to us, nothing is there for us to judge. We don't care if you collect matches or vintage china. All we care about is finding ways to organize all the things you own in the best way possible to help you live the most harmonious life possible.


Most adults own a collection of erotic toys and games so it's no surprise we have solutions to organize them. Trust us. We've been there, done that. Here are our favorite tips to help you organize your own pleasure collection.


First and foremost, you want to create a designated area for all of your adult play time items. Based on the size of your collection, assign a drawer in your nightstand, a chest, a box under the bed or an entire closet. Make sure this area is close to your bed. In this spot, you can keep your toys, lube, batteries, condoms and a clean washcloth for easy cleanup. No matter the size of collection or the items you have, it is really good to have them organized by category in a clean space. You don't want to run all over the place looking for things in the heat of moment.





A Message from the Co-founders...

In the kitchen, she whispers
"He is the messy one." Twenty minutes later in the basement,
he says "She never puts anything away."

It doesn't really matter what each half of the couple says or has done in the past. Our knowledge of organizing means that this couple will get not one, but several suggestions for fixing any one organizational issue.

We all talk through it and come up with a solution that everyone can live with. Communication is the centerpiece of any successful and healthy relationship after all! Think of us as your organizing coach/referee.

We'll get through it together. Contact us anytime by email or through our website. You'll be glad you did!

At Your Service,

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Mission 2 Organize LLC 

"O Your Relationship" Tip
"The conception of two people living together for twenty-five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep."

~ Alan Herbert

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