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How 2 Organize Your Mind with Judah Kurtz
How 2 Organize Your Mind
with Judah Kurtz

So, you know that nagging voice in your head that tells you that you should be doing everything in life better and faster? Well, that's just
a small part of mental clutter.

Mental clutter distracts us from what is really important. In this video, we will define these distractions  so you can recognize them and we tell you what to do about them.

We have executive coach, Judah Kurtz, on hand to explain it all. Organizing your mind can be as easy as organizing your home. It just takes practice and the will to de-clutter your mind. We can do it...together.

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If we had a dollar for every time a person asked us if we could organize their brain, we would be escaping Chicago's frigid temperatures right now and vacationing in Jamaica.

The good news is that there are many doable actions you can take to feel like you're more in control of your mind. The articles below, our latest video and our Facebook posts this month will all guide you in the direction of greater organizational zen.

Of course, you must organize your space before you can fully organize your mind. Becoming a member of the "O" Club is the best way to set you on the track for a better and clearer 2015! And who doesn't want that?

Like any other skill, organizing has some basic principles. If you train your brain to know these principles, you can successfully organize, no matter the space you are organizing. Here are some of the principles we hand-picked from each room in the house. Take these tips and apply them to any organizing project.




Office: Tall to short

When you are organizing objects in row (back to front or side by side), always put them in order from tall to short. When the tall items are in the back, you can see what is there plus it's visually appealing.






Living room: Contain

This is one of the main principles of organizing. After you sort, gather and purge, you always need a way to contain and house your items. There are many ways to contain and house, from drawers to shelves to baskets and so on, you have many options to corral items of any size.





In a world that is filled with an overload of materials, tasks and information, it is so easy to have a cluttered space and mind. Both are as bad as you can imagine. A cluttered mind is not focused or productive just like a cluttered space is not peaceful or inviting.


A recently published book about organizing your mind discusses in detail how a cluttered space equals clutter mind.


No wonder every year one of the top new year's resolutions on the list is to get organized! Becoming more organized can bring about many other resolutions that we have been hoping for for years. You can see its positive effect on many areas of your life from health to social activities, relationships and so on.


We are experienced in working with many different types of clients, ranging from the super organized to the completely disorganized. Regardless, they always tell us how much better their life has been since they experienced our service.


After we listen to our clients and help them create a system based on their particular needs, they say they have been dressing better, socializing more, saving money and even time too. The best part is that they all have started experiencing a new sense of relief.


The clutter in your space is like a two way mirror to your mind. Many times it is the reflection of what is going on in your mind or, in reverse, your mind is creating the actual clutter.


Here are few organizing principles that will help you see how changes in the world of physical can effect your non physical world of thoughts.






A Message from the Co-founders...
As busy entrepreneurs, we know exactly how important it is to have an organized mind.

There are always appointments to confirm, emails to answer and projects to prepare for. If we simply kept all of this information only in our heads, we would most certainly drop the ball before too long.

This, like many of the other challenges faced by our clients, is the same stuff that we battle with ourselves. Maybe that's what makes us a desirable organizing company to hire. Because we get it!

And we can help you get it too. Lean on us for the support, guidance and stamina you will need to reach your organizational goals.

We are here for you. Contact us anytime by email or through our website. Together, we look forward to bringing you more peaceful surroundings in 2015.

At Your Service,

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Mission 2 Organize LLC 

"O Your Mind" Tip
  Organizing our minds consists not of learning mental tricks or doing brain exercises but of organizing our surroundings - literally, the physical world we inhabit every day.

~ 'The Organized Mind' by Daniel J. Levitin

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Creating consistent routines means orchestrating your own destiny by making new habits a reality. The ladies of M2O can help you reach your goals this year. We have put together the "O" Club Express membership to keep you on track. Join today to receive a substantial discount of our everyday rates and let us work off the hours as you breathe new life into both your mind and spaces.

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