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How 2 Make DIY Holiday Party Centerpieces
How 2 Make DIY Holiday
Party Centerpieces

Centerpieces can make a special occasion really sparkle. As the focal point of a table, you can make an impression that lasts beyond the party's end.

The fabulous news is that you can make a stunning piece and you can do it yourself! In this video, we show how you can easily make holiday centerpieces using things you already have at home.

Grab your craft supplies, your storage tote of holiday decorations and cozy up with M2O-TV. We have enough DIY projects to get you through the entire holiday season.

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"Wow!  Talk about exceeding expectations!! Schae and Bahar coordinated my Networking/ Birthday Luncheon event. Thank you both SO much for making this such a memorable occasion!

~Cindy W.

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There are so many things to distract (and occupy) us. Facebook, Candy Crush, cable television, not to mention our jobs, fill up all our available hours.

It's important to step back from all of this to make time for the things that really matter. No, we are not talking about parties, but about family.

Spending precious time away from the office, laptop and smart phones to connect in a meaningful way with your loved ones is what will comfort you at the end of your days.

Planning something memorable does not have to be a hassle. Plan a game night at home, bake a batch of cookies, visit a museum or tackle a table sized puzzle.

If you really want to do it up right, invite the whole extended clan to a get together. Whether it's at your place or out on the town, M2O has you covered with a deal that will make your entire family cheer.


Approximately 80% of the time, we find leftover bags of party treats and conventions giveaways somewhere in our client's houses. And most of the time if the gift bag didn't come from a very special occasion the content that survived time in the bag didn't even made it to the memory box.


Here at M2O we totally follow the art of "reuse, recycle and donate". Fortunately we have been able to save many of the items from these bags from going to the wasteland. But sadly that is not the case always. On this planet, right now, there are plastic bags of unused treats sitting in the landfill, cluttering up our beautiful world!


The unfortunate part of this is that the whole thing started with good intentions. You want your guests to bring a little of the party back home with them. It's also a great way to thank those who showed up to celebrate with you. You're giving them something to remember the night or, if the bag was from a convention or corporate giveaway, to recognize your business in the future. You can still accomplish all these goals while also being kind to the environment.  


Just consider these next few tips next time you are preparing a giveaway bag...




5 Cool Kid Drinks
for Any Occasion




Fall in a Jar

The color of this drink makes it a perfect one for any fall party. You can decorate the jar or use a decorative straw for the holiday of your choice.



One 2-liter of Sprite, chilled
One 2-liter of Fanta Orange soda, chilled
6 - 8 scoops Orange Sherbet







This drink can go with any theme or gathering. it's simply a fiesta in a glass.


Make different flavors (and colors) of Kool-aid, pour them into ice trays and freeze. Fill a clear glass with the different colored ice cubes and fill with sprite or ginger ale. Mix up this beautiful and delicious treat.





A Message from the Co-founders...
Serving hard working families is one of the most rewarding things we do as professional organizers. Parents have an unlimited amount of responsibilities to keep up with. These duties, all added together, can easily become overwhelming for anyone.

We know how much relief we can provide to busy families. We've heard it straight from our clients mouths time and time again.

"How could I have done it without you two?" "You both are worth your weight in gold." "I feel a huge sense of relief now!"

If you want those words to pass your lips, now is the time to finally give organizing a shot. Contact us anytime by email or through our website. Relief is on it's way!

At Your Service,

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"O Your Party" Tips

Make a board with all the birthday girl or boy's current stats.

Cook delicious food
for your guests.

Dress up and
make a statement.

Decorate with
ornate flowers.

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Let the holiday parties begin! Tis the season for spiked punch and wreaths of hors d'oeuvres. If you or your corporation is hosting an event this season, let the ladies of M2O sprinkle our magic dust on your special day. We can help you plan it, decorate for it, host it, and manage it. Know that you do not have to do it on your own. We are waiting to bring our creativity and sense of style to your holiday party.

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