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How 2 Organize Your Life with Task Management
How 2 Organize Your Life with Task Management

"Task management" may sound boring at first, but it can actually be life changing! The tips featured in this video will undoubtedly get you off of Procrastination Parkway and on to Efficiency Avenue.

 Pick out 3 tips from the video that you want to start implementing now. Leave a comment and come back to the video every few weeks to see how you've done. Once you've accomplished 3, set even more goals until you've mastered them all.

You can reach your organizing goals with task management and the ladies of M2O!

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"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."
~Michael Altshuler

Most of our clients are not chronically disorganized, nor are they scatterbrained or lazy.
They're busy!

Our clients work full time, take care of their kids, follow their dreams and feed their passions. Oftentimes that leaves little time for keeping things in order.

That's ok. You should spend your time doing the things you love; being a loving mother, brilliant marketing maven or learning how to rock climb.

Hiring professionals to do the rest is smart and time effective. Not only can professionals do it for you, but they might just be able to do it even better and faster because of their experience and knowledge.

Test out this theory for yourself with a service from Mission 2 Organize. Our team will make the changes that set you up for efficient living and effective working.

 For the most part, we all carry our cellphones with us at all times. WiFi and growing technologies allow us to access the internet and sync all of our devices together with just the click of a button. Technology can save us time, but sometimes it sucks up our time too. There are many tools available to help you manage your time better and be super productive. Here are some of the tools that can help you, in many ways, to make the most of your day. Any task, from tracking your time to sharing files, can be done more efficiently with the use of these tools.




Just think of how many minutes you wasted sharing pictures and files. Those minutes turn into hours when the files you share are large. Dropbox saves you time and gives you peace of mind by making the file sharing a no hassle task.





Remember when looking for tools took longer than the work for the actual project itself? Or all those times that you bought tape because you couldn't find the one you had? After years in this field, we can easily pinpoint lots of patterns that lead to wasting time or money on a daily basis. Here are few simple steps that, if you apply to your life in the long run, will not only save you time but money as well. After all, time is not money but even more valuable than money since once it is spent, you can never get it back.




1. A place for everything

No matter what area you are organizing, the first rule is find a place for everything. Whether it's a place for all your tools in the garage or all your files in your filing cabinet., make sure you design an organizing system based on your needs and inventory. The best time saving tip of all time is to know where everything is and to be able to put your hands on it quickly.






A Message from the Co-founders...
Procrastination is simply decisions delayed.
Are you one of the millions who wish there were more hours in the day? Stop wishing and stop procrastinating.

By avoiding procrastination, you can get more done and reduce stress by leaps and bounds. Think of how anxious it makes you to think of that one big thing you've been putting off.

Plus, the more you push it off, the bigger it becomes. Squash it early and you'll prevent a monster from growing.

Start by writing down all the small steps that it will take to complete the task. These smaller tasks are so much easier to complete and give you an opportunity to be successful, tackling your project step-by-step.

Try it for yourself and let us know how it goes. You can contact us anytime by email or through our website. We'll help you beat procrastination head on!

At Your Service,

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"O Your Time" Tip

Think before you put something down.

Putting it where it belongs in the first place, saves you time and keeps your space organized.
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