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How 2 Organize Your Makeup
How 2 Organize
Your Makeup

Every once and a while your makeup collection deserves a makeover of itself.

The professional organizers at M2O guide you through this process in our video, How 2 Organize Your Makeup.

You will learn how to minimize your makeup collection, how to choose the right storage container for it and where to keep it all.

Having your freshest, most frequently used makeup at your fingertips means you can look your best every day.
You deserve it!
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"I somehow missed it on their website, but it's true- M2O takes your donations with them at the end of your appointment! It was such a huge stress reliever! 

And there was no opportunity for me to dig through the bags after they were gone so I couldn't foolishly talk myself into keeping stuff."

~ Katie B.

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Have you ever been searching for your hairspray/blush/tweezers/eye cream when you ran out of time or simply gave up? Who has time for all that nonsense?!

It's stunning how much easier it is to get ready once you have all your beauty products in order. One client even remarked that her co-workers had commented on how great she had been looking (since a visit from M2O).

She felt the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that comes when you know where the things are that you need and you can reach them easily. Try it for yourself. Spend 15 minutes getting something organized that you use every day. See what difference only 15 minutes makes. Imagine what two professionals can get done with a whole day!

Find out this month with a discount offer on any "O Your Home" service. Our team can tackle your beauty products, your kitchen cabinets or all that storage in your basement. You choose...and you benefit from the results!


For most of my life I have had short hair. So I never felt the need for a system for organizing my hair accessories. But as my hair grew out, my collection of hair accessories grew and I realized an organized system for all my hair accessories was a must.


Although my long hair phase faded quickly, the hair accessories stayed. Luckily it is a small collection compared to most women. Schae usually has long hair so I also asked her to send me pictures of how she keeps her stuff organized too. You can see in the pictures below how we both do it.

No matter the size of your collection, the principle is the same. You need to gather all of your hair accessories, sort them and then contain them. Try to store them in one spot for easy access and use.




Our clients always ask us what our houses look like and how we keep things organize in our own place. We tell them we have our disorganized days and challenges but for the most part we try to keep it simple and organized. Another thing that helps is the fact that we don't keep lots of extra products (or products in general).


We all know about photoshopped images in fashion magazines, but when it comes to interior design we rarely pay attention to how images are manipulated. Ikea recently announced that most of their images are actually CGI. They are not even a set design of a home!


Sometimes looking at these images discourages us on our journey towards organization. Well, to be honest, if you're actually living in the house it will never look like a photo shoot set or a CGI design. So on that note, I decided to give you all a tour of my bathroom.


When I moved into my apartment, I knew right away that I needed more cabinets and shelves in my bathroom. There is no linen closet, but at least the bathroom has space to add an extra cabinet and shelves. When you walk in on your left, you see the over-the-toilet cabinet that I added. Also there was already a medicine cabinet and a cabinet under the sink.


Just maybe you'll be inspired to get organized yourself. You will see in most of the pictures below, I use many recycled items to keep my bathroom organized. This is real living.  

So here it is:





A Message from the Co-founders...
We have to admit it...we are girly girls and we LOVE organizing beauty products.

In fact, Schae moved recently and reorganized all of her bathroom supplies. Streamlining her collection, prioritizing her items and making sure everything is easy to access has made getting ready a snap. Now when Bahar calls to go dancing at midnight, they can make it happen before the night club doors close.

Our clients experience this same sense of relief once we get our magic hands on their medicine cabinet, linen closet or even their clothing closet. One little change can sometimes make all the difference.

If you are ready to make a difference in your life, contact us anytime by email or through our website. We're here for you!

At Your Service,

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Mission 2 Organize LLC 

"O Your Beauty" Tip

If you travel for work often, collect all your travel sized items in one place. Use a divided mesh organizer like this one or store them in labeled quart sized baggies.

* Donate excess toiletries to homeless and battered women's shelters. 

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