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How 2 Organize Your Office Space
How 2 Organize Your Office Space

Have you ever wonder where the heck to start when trying to organize your office?

Your desk is the center of your work day and, therefore, is also a good place to start your office organizing project.

As professional organizers, we have seen many different types of work spaces. In this video, we share our expert tips for getting your office in tip-top shape, step-by-step, so you can keep it up for months to come.

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Many of us have worked in a corporate office at one time or another. That means we know what an animal they can be.

With a bunch of people working in one place, everything runs more smoothly when the office is organized. After an organization overhaul, employees are more efficient and therefore get more done. It's as simple as that.

This August newsletter is chock full of tips from how to tame electronic wires to zoning out your office space. Use all or a few of these office organizing insights to put yourself ahead of the game.

You can also experience an elevated level of office order with our special discount offer this month. We know that time is money. Get it all done in half the time with the team at M2O.

Organize Your Office
With Recycled Items!


We always say organizing should not cost you a fortune. The goal of organizing is to make your life easier and help you to save time and money. This can be easily achieved with some determination and creativity using all you have available around you. We always try to re-use things our clients have at home before heading out to buy new products. Here, we have gathered some of the best ideas for using everyday reused and recycled items to organize your office supplies.



Jars are awesome products to be re-purposed. They come in all shapes and sizes, some even have lids. They can be cleaned out very easily. If the jar you want to use has a label that you want to remove, soak the jar in hot water and then scrub it or use Goo Gone. We are pretty sure that you can find glass jars in almost every room of our house. These can all be re-purposed into a container for organizing purposes!




If you ask me about a perfect world, one of the first requirements is that it is wireless. Luckily there is hope for this dream to come true but until that day we have to deal with clutter looking, space taking, dust collecting cords. Not to mention, in every room we now have chargers attached to our devices. We have untangled, packed, unpacked and hidden so many wires in our years of organizing that with no doubt we know having your wire situation under control in your office and even all around your life with save you space and sanity. Here are some tips you can use to hide or store your wires for anytime use.


Inventory and purging

First collect all your cords and start sorting them by category such as chargers, extension cords, power strips and so on. Now it's time to purge! Match each charger with the appropriate device. Get rid of broken, outdated or unidentified wires. There are some labeling options out there to pair and keep track of your wires. Here are 3 simple and free do-it-yourself projects to identify, sort or store your cords.





A Message from the Co-founders...
Unfortunately most of our clients feel a lot of shame around their paper management issues. The thing is...almost everyone has the same, exact issues!

When your paper piles overflow in your work space, however, it can start to affect the bottom line. By making sure you can find any paper you need at any given time, you are setting yourself up for successful, efficient and stress-free days at work.

Our client, Deb R., said it best in our latest 5 star Yelp review, "My life is better because of Schae and Bahar's hard work and dedication to professional organization. Schae guided me to come up with file types that actually made sense for me, then using her label maker helped me start filing! Bahar made my bookshelves look gorgeous, she unpacked my books and gave them an order that is completely accessible. These ladies do life changing work."

If you are ready to change your life, contact us anytime by email or through our website. We're here for you!

At Your Service,

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Create a
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one location.

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No matter what kind of office you have, the team at Mission 2 Organize can help you make sense of it. We will sort through your papers, set up a system for paper management, rearrange your furniture, organize your desk drawers and more. Imagine a life where you can find everything in your office at a moment's notice...and then call on Mission 2 Organize!

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