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Do you think planning a party is easy? Think again.

There are so many things to think about. Does your venue have music, beverages, decorations or coat check?

M2O sits down with 2 party people in this video to discuss our most valuable advice on organizing the perfect event.

Join us for priceless party planning nuggets on M2O-TV.
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We bet you've been to some fabulous parties at some unique venues. Our favorite venues include roller skating rinks, Galleria Marchetti and private homes.

By choosing the perfect location for your next gathering, you'll be setting yourself up for a pleasant and stress-free event. Envision what your guests would expect in terms of music, lighting, catering, facilities and accessibility.

Our organizers have the experience to consider all the most important details of planning, promoting and running your party. This month you're entitled to our "O Your Party" discount offer.

You can also benefit from the insights we share every week on Facebook. Like us and share our posts with your friends. Everyone could use a little organizing inspiration!

5 Easy Ways to
Decorate Any Venue



Sometimes you find the perfect venue within your budget and that is great. But don't dismiss a good venue that meets your budget because it's not perfect. There are many ways to transform a simple venue into a marvelous, magical setting.


Our advice is that before adding anything to the place, go around and edit first. For example, before covering up an ugly bench see if you can take it out. After you have done your edit, use these tips below to cover up imperfections, fill up a room or just glam up your party. Keep in mind, less is more!




10 Things to Consider
Before Booking a Venue

1. Size Matters

First and foremost, you want to make sure there is enough space for all of your guests and the activities you are planning for your party. You want the space to be big enough for everyone to walk around and mingle while still feeling cozy. It also should not be too big that it makes your event feel poorly attended or disconnected.


2. Price it Right 

Write down all the expenses you plan to incur and round up a little. Unexpected costs always pop up. Now you can see how much you can actually spend on the venue. If your budget is limited, you can still find places like a restaurant or a bar that will host your event for free. Also look around for package deals or hold your party in the off-season.


3. It's a Date

Before you get to any further details, you want to make sure the space is available for the day you picked to have your party.  If the venue is booked that day and your time is not flexible, it is best to start looking into other venues. If you really have your heart set on this place, you can leave your information for them to let  you know in the case of cancellations or just change your date if possible.





A Message from the Co-founders...
The definition of "party" is relative. For some it means a big bash with lots of people, food and drinks. For us, it can mean a few friends, some glasses of wine and a plate of fruit.

You will find the ladies of M2O on the balcony at M2O Headquarters (Bahar's house) throughout the summer months.

This particular "venue" has a way of attracting friends from all over the world.This balcony also doubles as a potted garden, has comfortable seating and a reliably refreshing breeze.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about what "party" means to you. Spruce up your space so its inviting and ready for guests at any time. Who needs a reason to party anyway? Just do it anytime.

We are available anytime by email or through our website. We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards ultimate organization!

At Your Service,

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"O Your Party" Tip

Before booking a
party venue, ask
about the music.

Music can make
or break an event.

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In the summertime, there is always a reason to party. Maybe you want to fire up the grill or have a group of friends over for dinner on the rooftop. The ladies of M2O are here to be your support team. We set the table to perfection, greet the guests with grace and ensure a festive atmosphere at any event. Experience the concierge treatment of Mission 2 Organize!

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