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How 2 Organize: 15 Packing Tips
How 2 Organize: 15 Packing Tips

At some point in your life, you have most likely been faced with moving. Lugging all of your worldly possessions from one house, apartment or office to another is no easy task.

In this video, the
professional organizers at Mission 2 Organize share with you all of the best tips to make packing for your move to a new location a little bit easier. From the boxes to fragile items and more, we cover it all!

To "O Your Move" also watch How 2 Tape Moving Boxes and How 2 Pack Fragile Kitchen Items.
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Our Clients Say...

 "When I first moved into my new place, I didn't have much time on my hands to unpack all the boxes filled with clothes and shoes. They went out and got everything I needed for my closet and within a few hours they were completely done and my closet looked splendid."

~ Bakary S. 
of Chicago, IL

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This summer our Co-founder, Schae, will be moving after 12 years in the same location. Though the move is still a few months away, she has already started cutting out the crap.

Moving presents a divine opportunity to reconsider why you are holding on to things in your home or office. Take the time to clean out your drawers, closets and storage spaces BEFORE you move.

If you need some inspiration, the ladies of M2O are on Facebook all the time. We spread the message of organization to our loyal fans and you can join us by simply "liking" Mission 2 Organize!

When you are moving, we know how hectic it can get. M2O wants to help ease your load by offering complimentary box delivery or removal when you book your appointment in May 2014. Let us help! Offer details


It's as simple as this.

You're paying the moving company by the pound or hour, so it is to your financial benefit to get rid of excess possessions before you move.


If you're not paying by the pound, good for you. But you'll still pay for neglecting to de-clutter...only in a different way. You will suffer with a bunch of stuff in your brand new space that you don't even need, use or love. Nonsense!


Start reducing the physical and mental weight of your possessions months before you start packing the boxes. Here are 10 smart ways to make a fresh start in your new place by de-cluttering before you move.


Bring in the Green This Spring

Cleaning out closets in the spring can be exciting when we make money doing it.



Every change of season, parents of young children go through the process of figuring out what clothes fit, which are too small and what to do with the outgrown items. When children are very young, we also have to weed out toys that are no longer interesting to them. Many, many times, we find ourselves with lots of items in great condition that have been hardly used.


Some people have a system. They pass along clothes that are still in good shape to family or friends and donate the rest to a charitable organization like a homeless shelter or Goodwill. But what if you could actually turn your spring cleaning into an opportunity to make money? It is actually pretty simple.

A Message from the Co-founders...
Most of our clients understand the need for organization in their life. That's why they hire us!

Just imagine opening a box once you've arrived to your new home and knowing exactly what's inside. Or imagine needing something and knowing exactly where to find it among the piles of boxes.

That is the piece of mind that comes with organizing before you pack and packing in an organized manner. Join our clients and be "in the know". Hire M2O to organize, pack and unpack for you!

We are available anytime by email or through our website. We look forward to supporting you on your journey towards ultimate organization!

At Your Service,

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Mission 2 Organize LLC 

Organizing Inspiration
When you move,
keep legal documents,
all important papers,
jewels, stamps and
currency in your
immediate possession.

-The Moving Experts
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Moving has long been cited as among the most stressful of life's events. But when you work with Golan's Moving and Storage, an independent moving company in Chicago for local, long distance, international or corporate moves, you'll find moving doesn't have to be stress-inducing.

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Packing and unpacking is only tip of the iceberg when it comes to moving. You'll need to get boxes, wrapping paper or bubble wrap and packing tape. Your time is precious, especially during a move. Mission 2 Organize offers delivery and removal of all these packing supplies so you don't have to worry about it. If you book your "O Your Move" appointment in May, we'll give you either delivery or removal of these supplies for FREE. Let M2O lighten your load this moving season!

* Get your appointment on the books by May 31, 2014.
* Must mention offer when booking.

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