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December 2013


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"How 2" Video

How 2 Organize Your Music Collection
How 2 Organize Your Music Collection

Music comes in so many forms. There are cds, lp records, and mp3s. Whether you collect music digitally or in your physical space, M2O has you covered.

In this video, we show you how to organize your tunes on your computer so you can find what you need when you need it. Then there is the issue of keeping your physical collections sorted so that your space remains harmonious. Watch and sing a song of melodious organization!

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"Music is  

organized sound."


~ Edgard Varese  

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Dilly Potatoes
This is one side dish recipe that pairs well with pretty much any entree. With only a few simple ingredients, you can impress last minute dinner guests who might pop up during the holidays. The ladies of M2O eat this dish with chicken or pork plus a fresh salad. Enjoy it whichever way you choose!





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Music is one of the best parts of life. We've moved from spinning vinyl records to blasting eight-tracks in cars. And who can forget those fragile cassette tapes? The modern digital age has taken us from MP3s to iTunes. So many forms of number one hits to keep track of, one can get dazed and confused sorting through sets of compilations.  
All of these musical components can be organized properly so you can find what you are looking for when it's needed, or desired. Check out this month's video and let the ladies of M2O show you how to organize your physical and digital tunes.

Then there is all of the memorabilia you've collected from every concert you've ever been to. Keep reading to discover how to capture those rockin' moments forever by creating a killer scrapbook. Plus, we have tips on how to organize all your musical instruments for convenience and pleasure: pick a spot and play some tunes with or for your friends. 

Ah, music. It's time for the holidays and we know that melodies will be surrounding you and your family. Christmas carols anyone? Speaking of the holidays, now is the time to get your house in order before the company arrives. Let M2O bring your home (and music collection) into harmony for a discount this month. Plus it is your last chance to take advantage of our 2013 rates so jump on it before it's too late! 
Making a Concert Album
 Personalize your music experience
A scrapbook is a great way to capture and showcase your favorite concert or music memories. Share your concert stories in a book that you can enjoy for years to come. Place any and all your most memorable music paraphernalia in this unique album! Here are some elements of style that can be added to each page:

Ever taken a photo or two at a concert? Print, arrange, and paste those pictures of band hotties, the stage, the venue, concert signage, you & your friends, or anything else you photographed at the show.

Song lyrics
Cut and paste or write in lyrics to your most memorable songs sporadically throughout the scrapbook. Creatively arrange a few stanzas or the entire lyrics on one page. Be sure to switch up the font or penmanship you use for variety's sake.

Mixed Media
Have you picked up some memories from concerts you've attended? Arrange and paste stickers, flyers, tickets, magazine clippings or pieces of instruments (i.e. guitar picks) from the show.  

Be strategic when assembling album pages. If the first page is a picture collage, the second page could be a tribute to your favorite band or song lyrics.

Also, you'll want to refrain from laminating concert tickets/stubs. They could turn black from contact with heat during the laminating process. Be sure to rock out while you're rolling out your rhythmic coffee table book!  

Create A Musical Space

Instead of hauling musical instruments from one end of the house to another, keeping all your instruments in one location means you'll be rockin' out more often, more quickly! Create a musical hot spot for yourself. We listed a few ideas to help you keep instruments and components organized and synchronized.

1 - Choose a corner of the living room, dining room or office to place your instruments. Set up instruments so they are ready for use. For example, stand guitars upright, plug in keyboards and hook up turntables. 

2 - Store musical accessories near instruments. Make sure to have accessories easily accessible for when you need them. Use baskets, cigarette boxes or any old box to contain guitar picks, sheet music, or records.

3 - Comfortable seating is a must for the musician and guests. Choose furniture that is comfy, compact, and easy to maintain: poufs, ottomans, or bench.

Now that you've created your own music zone, tap into your inner artists. Strum some chords, sing a few verses, and awe your audience (even if it's just the cats!).

A Message from the Co-founders...

The holidays are a time of gift giving. Can you think of a friend who is overwhelmed by life? We're talking about the one who always tells you she wants to meet up but never has time to make it happen.

A Mission 2 Organize gift certificate is the perfect gift for that friend. She can use it for any of our services. We can streamline her home office, run her errands or clear out the overgrown clothes from her closet.

All of these things lead to more time. More time means more opportunity to do things like catching up with your friends. Could you use a little extra time of your own? Treat yourself to an organizing session with our team. You deserve it!

Our clients boast about how our services have helped them; dress better, find important documents, focus at work and cook homemade meals. Hearing this feedback fuels our passion to continue serving our clients. For this, we are so thankful!

Give us a call so we can discuss your potential projects. We love to hear from you so send your questions and comments to us by email  or through our website. Thank you for your confidence in us. We appreciate you.

   At Your Service,

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