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November 2013


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"How 2" Video

How 2 Organize Formal Wear 
How 2 Organize Formal Wear
Most of your closet is probably filled with the clothing you wear every day. So what do you do with all that formal attire that only gets pulled out every once and a while? Store it properly!

Ladies, we show you how to protect your most glamorous gowns. Men, learn how to hang your tux without attracting wrinkles.  Take care of your fancy clothing now and it will last for years to come.

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Quote of the Month

"Fashion changes,
but style endures."

~ Coco Chanel

Featured Recipe
Easy Peasy Pork Roast
This delicious recipe is the perfect dish to serve your family throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. The smell of fresh herbs and garlic will permeate your home and have everyone running to the kitchen for a plate full. You can try using a ghost pepper like we did...if you dare!




"O Your Home"  

- Home De-cluttering & Staging

* Starting at $170


"O Your Office"  

- Office Organizing   

& Paper Management 

*Staring at $190


"O Your Move" 

- Packing & Unpacking

*Starting at $380


"O Your Party" 

- Party Planning,    
Event Management, Registration 

*Starting at $75


"O Your Photos"

- Digital/Print Photo Organizing, 
Photo Books, Photo Calendars,  
Photo Slide Shows

*Starting at $30  


"O Your Life" 

- Errands, Design-a-Date,
Gift Purchase & Wrap 

*Starting at $45


Virtual Coaching 

- Skype, Telephone & Email  
Organizing Consultations

*Starting at $40



Featured Business
Shah Riaz

Designer, Shah Riaz, creates one garment for each gender. Men's ties and women's skirts from his collection are perfect for a day at work or a night on the town. Exclusively made in Chicago, Shah Riaz Fall/Winter Collection ties and skirts are available at Hazel Boutique or online now.
Visit the SHAH RIAZ website.
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Hi there!  


The 2013 holiday season is here! Party invitations are about to be mailed out so you know what that means. It's time to dive into your stash of party clothes and prepare to strut your stuff!  


Do you know how to keep your sequins securely sewed? What exactly is the right way to hang a strapless dress? Guys, how do you keep your ties from looking like a wrinkled mess? This month the ladies of M2O answer all these questions and more!

In your closet, party attire can get lost in the midst of all the ordinary clothes. M2O stresses the importance of taking care of these formal pieces and making sure you can find them when you need them in our latest video. Our article below has insights on how to organize your fancy hats so that you can accessorize in fashionable style. We also share what to wear in conjunction with your formal wear on those brisk winter nights out on the town.   


If you are overwhelmed this holiday season, Mission 2 Organize is more than happy to take some items off your plate. Our team can organize your party attire or any of your party needs. This November, we are offering a 15% discount to "O Your Party" in any form or fashion. With organizing (as with partying), the more the merrier! 

Heads Up!
Hangouts for Hats

Hat boxes 

Stack delicate party or couture hats in boxes  

on your top closet shelf. This will guarantee ultimate protection from dust & crushing.   



These gadgets aide in good use of vertical space. Perfect for the back of doors or bare walls. Decorate an empty wall space by designing a mural of hats on hooks.    


Hat stand 

These impressively display stylish knitted  

beanies or other trendy caps. Choose a floor height stand to hold multiple hats. Or, a counter top height stand to display one of your favorite head pieces.   



If you want to store hats out of sight, but within visible reach, install hanging shelves in your closet. You can also utilize empty closet shelves.   


   Hey Fancy Lady!

Stay Warm this Holiday Party Season


One needs to venture outside and endure frigid temperatures in order to attend winter formal events or parties. But it's hard to look hot while you're all bundled up, honey! Below are some styles of outerwear that keep you warm and snug, even if you plan to wear that silk metallic dress with strappy sandals.   


Flared Peacoat: A winter coat like this is the perfect accompaniment to an evening dress. Without much bulk, you can stay warm and add some extra style at the same time. 




Cape: The flowing material of a cape is a lovely accent to long or short gowns.  It is a piece that will keep you warm and also adds a chic finishing touch.   



Shawl: Reach for this classic piece that covers just your shoulders. It pairs well with strapless or thin strapped dresses, plus it keeps your upper body nice and toasty.       


Hand Muff: Keep your hands warm with this old skool winter-essory.  Go back to a time when ladies were both classy and fashionable.   

A Message from the Co-founders...

Organizing is not simply shoving things in a basket and putting it on a shelf. There is a lot of thought that goes into making sure that our clients possessions are properly cared for.

For example, sweaters should not be placed in wicker baskets or it could snag the fabric. Glass bowls should not be stored in metal boxes or they could shatter.

Some of our clients have expensive taste and those items have to be cared for specially, but so does the old tattered quilt that grandma made when you were born. In organizing, everything is of equal importance and you can count on the organizing team at M2O to treat your stuff that way.

You can count on us to treat you and your possessions with respect, kindness and understanding. We have NO judgments. We just want to be there for you when you need us.

Give us a call so we can discuss your potential projects. We love to hear from you so send your questions and comments to us by email  or through our website. Thank you for your confidence in us. We appreciate you.

   At Your Service,


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  Co-founders, Mission 2 Organize LLC


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any "O Your Party" Service


Freaking out because you're having a party, but don't have time to make it happen the way you want it to? Sounds like the perfect task to assign to the ladies of M2O. From the smallest detail to the whole shebang, we can help make your gathering a seamless affair. Book your appointment anytime in November for a 15% discount off any "O Your Party" service executed by the end of the year.
Offer Expires: November 30, 2013                 * Must mention offer when booking