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  January 2013


Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!



C/NET Solutions will be kicking off the new year with the Association of Cancer Executives (ACE).  Alan Houser, Project Director, and Valerie Spadt, Software Sales Specialist, will be attending the ACE 2013 annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, January 23-25.  If you will be present at this conference, look us up in the exhibit hall to learn about our clinical trials add-on and interface capabilities.  Alan and Valerie are looking forward to this "meet and greet" with cancer service line and cancer program managers.  


In 2013, C/NET Solutions will be celebrating 30 years of cancer registry software innovation.   C/NET Solutions was the first vendor to move cancer registry software from main frame to desk top computers, thus beginning a new era in cancer data collection and management. Over the course of 30 years, we've continued to add new functionality to our software that competing vendors strive to imitate but have never managed to replicate and we plan to continue to be leaders in registry innovations for the foreseeable future. Here are a few reasons why CNExT continues to be your best registry software solution:


We are the best at meeting state requirements for data quality. Hands down, CNExT has the most comprehensive and accurate edit sets built into the software. And our Edits Resolution feature makes it easy to clear the edits when they come up. While state requirements may not be the main focus of a COC approved program, it certainly makes your job easier if you only have to submit your data once and never have to worry about it again. And the same goes for your annual NCDB Call for Data file submission too!


We are the only vendor with the SmartHelp and MP/H tools. And these tools are included in the software at no additional cost to you. Soon to be added is AJCC staging with "clickable" codes (the same feature as in our Collaborative Staging manual). With these help tools readily available to you in the abstract mode, your productivity is better than you will ever achieve with different software.


Open database connectivity. It's your data and we believe you should be able to use it as you see fit. That is why our database is open and we share the data dictionary with facilities wishing to establish data warehousing functions or perform complex SQL queries on the backend of the CNExT database. Other vendors may try to sell you on their interfaces to proprietary systems they supply, but the bottom line is that you have a right to access your own cancer data through your own systems and shouldn't be told that you can't.


We have no hidden costs. The software license fee covers all coding manuals, SS Death Index matching and unlimited support for CNExT and CAS. Included is help via toll free number, email, and web-based support tools. C/NET Solutions also doesn't charge for second line support provided by our programming staff. If you are taking a look at other vendors, be certain to check the fine print in their contracts and ask them what the cost of software and support will be when the initial contract is up. You will find that CNExT is the better deal over all.


CAS ePath reporting to state and central registries is FREE. Provided your state registry grants us access and if you have CAS installed at your hospital, we can send ePath files to your state registry at no additional cost to you. With CAS and CNexT, you don't need to pay a third party software vendor to meet your state ePath reporting requirements or to import cases into CNExT.


There's more to come! C/NET Solutions is looking into more enhancements and services we can add to CNExT and CAS in 2013. We've got plenty of ideas collected from our customers to incorporate into our CNExT2 release which will be the hallmark of our 30 years in the registry software business.

For additional information about our software and services, contact us by email at sales @askcnet.org or by phone at 800-366-2638.