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  November 2012  


Dear Colleague: 
In publishing the E/Clips e-newsletter, it is C/NET Solutions' intent to share timely information, tips, and tools of interest to those in the cancer registry profession.  Please let us know if you find the information contained in E/Clips to be of use in your daily work.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

Technology, Education, Design (TED) Talk  

by Mina Bissell 


For years scientists and doctors advised, but could not prove, that having a healthy immune system and a healthy body can reduce the chances of getting cancer. After 30 years of research and experimental work, Mina Bissell, breast cancer researcher, gives a TED talk on how our bodies interact with cancer and how "form" and microenvironment play a key role in malignant development.   Her TED talk is in the same vein as thought-provoking keynote addresses at cancer conferences.


Opposed by the dominant theory that one oncogene is enough to cause cancer, she raises a simple question - if every cell in our bodies carries the same genetic information, why doesn't cancer attack an entire body? The answer is hidden in the extracellular matrix of each cell. What scientists previously thought was just scaffolding for our cells is actually vital in maintaining a healthy cell structure.


Mina's research is revolutionary in how we approach cancer treatment. It opens up an entire new horizon in medical science - the study of "form". Medical professionals involved in any aspect of cancer research or data collection will find this talk fascinating. You can view Mina's TED talk at this link.

CNExT Used In 12 Of The Top 50 Cancer Hospitals
US News & World Report recently published their 2012-13 list of top hospitals. C/NET Solutions was pleased to see that 12 of the top 50 cancer treatment hospitals in the US use our CNExT software for their cancer registry solution. We congratulate these customers and hope to see more of our customers make the top 50 list in future.  Use the following link to view the entire list: US News   

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