June 2014
Newsletter #10
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Dear Co-Laborer in Christ:


Based on feedback and ongoing discussions with regional and national leaders, we repeatedly hear the term "grassroots movement''.  We believe that God's intent for the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN) is to serve as a catalyst for a 'grassroots' movement to include individuals, mission agencies, associations, churches, networks, and other ministries with a focus on serving the local church and unreached peoples ministries wherever and however possible.  It is also clearly apparent that this will not result just from the initiatives of the GGCN Global Coordinating Team, although the various tools and efforts that are broadly developed and promoted do have a place. But it is only as the broad purposes and goals of GGCN are taken by local leaders and developed in local cultures and languages will GGCN be effective in fulfilling God's purpose for the Global Great Commission Network.

We are seeing the start of local initiatives in India and Africa, and a scattering of other locations.  We're excited to give you brief updates from both India and Africa in the articles that follow.
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GGCN India
The region that has made the most progress toward a local GGCN expression is India.  An Indian Coordinating team has been formed and is functioning, with the following individual volunteers: Pastor Paul P. Radha Krishnan, Rev. Chalapthy, Dr. Rajesh Agarwal. Rev. Pranab, and Sis. Christina Soude.  They are serving as regional coordinators and are in the process of setting up state level teams with recognized leadership.  The team is now engaged in translation of the Discipleship Survey and the Tokyo Declaration into the following 11 languages:  Tamil, Kanada, Malayalam, Telegu, Hindi, Urudhu, Bengali, Odiya, Kongani, Marati, and Gujarathi.  A website for GGCN India is also being produced and will be posted soon. 
For more information contact Paul Radha at ggcnindia@gmail.com.  Or take the initiative to join the online GGCN India group on GCnetwork.
GGCN Africa
Progress is also being made to organize a functioning African Co-Ordinating team.  With the help of Timothy Olonade, key job descriptions have been developed and volunteers are currently being asked to step forward to take on both regional and task specific responsibilities.  Out of those responses an African Co-Ordinating team will begin functioning.
For more information contact ggcnafrica@ggcn.org.
Nearing the Top of the Tower - by Dr. Marvin Newell
Togetherness, oneness, cohesion and unity - we all profit from interconnectedness.  And whether it be at the local or global level, benefits are derived.  Arguably globalization and urbanization, the twin rails of interconnectedness, improve income and livelihood.
Populations teeming together in the great super and mega-cities of the world exhibit an uncanny ability to birth ideas, that lead to creative innovations that in turn spews wealth on a scale unparalleled in human history - or at least modern history.  Combining "turbo-urbanization" with interconnectedness through the phenomenon now commonly known as globalization compounds economic and social advantages exponentially.  In so doing, modern man is aggressively reversing the chaos, confusion and curse of Babel at unprecedented speed.  [Continued]
In His Mission,
David Hupp
Global Great Commission Network - Coordinating Team