April 2014
Newsletter #9
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Dear Co-Laborer in Christ:


The Global Great Commission Network (GGCN) is identified as a "network". Dictionary.com defines networking as
a supportive system of sharing information among individuals and groups having a common interest. What is the common interest that we share in GGCN?  It is the vision of every people reached and in the process of being discipled in this generation.  How do we share information and support each other?  Can we network in an effective way that is pleasing to the Lord?


Being grassroots and connecting the many and various components of Great Commission activities is central to the purpose and vision of GGCN.  GGCN is a network to connect networks, groups, and individuals with other networks, groups, and individuals.  Our hope is to help facilitate these connections.  That is why we are working hard to provide some real resources for people to do exactly that.  We are a network to help other networks and to reach those who can't otherwise connect.  

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GCnetwork Update - Exciting Update
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(Continued) We are also aware that any network succeeds only as individuals sacrificially contribute to common goals.  That is your part!  These newsletters are our means to update you on some shared efforts.  And these newsletters seek to include invitations for you to participate personally and in a meaningful way.  This includes opportunities to:


1.  Check out the GCnetwork for your network or organization (see the following article).


2.  Facilitate or be a part of a national or regional GGCN group on the GCnetwork to communicate with others of similar interests in discipleship and the Great Commission and to help chart the direction of GGCN in your area.  This is happening now in India and Africa, and it can happen in your nation or region.  To get connected send us a note at [email protected]


3.  Help us locate volunteer programmers and online system designers as we continue to develop tools that we are useful to Great Commission individuals and entities.  These include an online Discipleship Survey and Resource System and the Last Mile Calling project to enable networking between intercessors, givers, goers, and senders with the goal of reaching the 4,500 plus unreached people groups.


In addition, we encourage your  feedback and suggestions about how GGCN can better serve you and your area.  Opportunities for your involvement are growing, so add your voice as we together seek to see every people reached and in the process of being discipled.

GCnetwork - Exciting Update
Our roll out of the GCnetwork continues.  The GCnetwork is a mission focused social networking tool created to be a secure environment where missions collaboration is facilitated.  Already we are hearing testimonials of how the GCnetwork is aiding mission workers in ways such as including: connecting mission workers to valuable resources, helping to initiate new friendships, providing a platform for championing a cause and attracting partnership as well as prayer support and the sharing of ideas, strategies and information.


We now have over 300 users spread across five continents and our membership continues to grow as we add new network partners and individuals. The remainder of 2014 will be very crucial as GCnetwork will be present at several conferences, we will be featured in national press and we will continue to develop partnerships at a network level around the world.


We are very excited to announce that before the year is over the GCnetwork will have an entirely new mobile App based platform for smart phones and tablets.  This new platform will make our roll out and adoption around the world much easier.  It also brings with it a host of new and exciting features.  Our members will no longer have to use a web interface to sign up for or connect on GCnetwork.  We will be able to feature resources from partner networks and members.  We will have expanded multimedia tools which will allow us to share and interact around video including archived and live-streaming. The possibilities are endless.  We truly believe that the GCnetwork has the potential to revolutionize how we connect, communicate and collaborate as the mission world fulfilling the Great Commission. 


Give GCnetwork a try for your individual or organizational needs.  See www.ggcn.org/networking for more information.  

In His Mission,
David Hupp
Global Great Commission Network - Coordinating Team