February 2014
Newsletter #8
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Dear Co-Laborer in Christ:


GGCN LogoThe Global Great Commission Network exists to stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation.  What does "making disciples of every people in our generation" mean? Where are we at in our obedience to the Great Commission's commandment to make disciples? If there are gaps in our obedience and teaching, what needs to be done and where do we get started?

Trying to make sense out of the verbiage surrounding missions in an age of competing information may be a good starting point.  Marvin Newell's article Run That By me Again - God's Global Mission Clarified in the following section does just that.


At the same time we want to encourage you to enter into the discussion about what it means and how to participate in "making disciples of every people".  An excellent way to do that is to participate in the GCnetwork, as highlighted in the second article.  Jump in and shares your ideas and resources!    

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Run That By Me Again
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Run That By Me Again - God's Global Mission Clarified, by Dr. Marvin J. Newell


Many are confused with the words and terms we so readily throw around in the world of missions. Some verbiage that is common are: unreached, unengaged, undiscipled,
transformation, unmobilized, penetration, reached, making disciples, world
evangelization, etc. Not only is their confusion as to what is meant, but also by what is
important, and what should have priority. The goal of this presentation is to bring an
order to the strategy of world evangelization, based on what Jesus told us our task is,
based on Matthew 28:19-20. Familiarity with Matthew 28:18-20 must dictate mission

strategy if we are to clearly understand God's global mission to the nations. Continued  ...

GCnetwork - Available for Individuals and Networks
We encourage individuals, churches, networks or other organizations to utilize the free tool, GCnetwork (GCn), that has been developed by the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN) as a  secure, mission focused social networking tool where mission collaboration is facilitated.  It is our belief that a virtual space dedicated to missions and Great Commission efforts with goals to see the mission community CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, AND COLLABORATE is an imperative in this hour. 


The GCnetwork includes a broad array of features for your use including the Prayer Wall, Calendar, the Discussion boards tied to Groups, as well as several Apps including our Serve app to help facilitate project collaboration.


Give GCnetwork a try for your individual or organizational needs.  See www.ggcn.org/networking for more information.  Click GCnetwork to register and login. 

We encourage you to check out the Global Great Commission Network initiatives at www.ggcn.org. We are here to serve you and your ministry and we'd love to hear from you. 
In His Mission,
David Hupp
Global Great Commission Network - Coordinating Team