April 2013
Newsletter #4
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Dear Co-Laborer in Christ:

The Global Great Commission Network continues to develop tools and resources for use by the broad mission community. We are aware that for GGCN to fulfill its vision and purpose the network needs to expand with committed individuals who are able to expend time and energy to make the network successful.


GGCN needs help in several areas.  If any of the following speak to your expertise and availability, please let us know.  We eagerly look forward to close partnering with many of you. Please check out the following opportunities in this newsletter: 

  • National Discipleship Survey - National Committee Members
  • Great Commission Network (GCn) - Launch Team members with networking, programming, and web skills.
  • Last Mile Calling (LMC) - volunteer programmers with UPG interest. 
In addition, we are seeking GGCN Regional Representatives who share the vision and purpose of GGCN to help us serve network participants and inquirers in various regions of the world.   Contact [email protected] for more information. 
In This Issue
Ghana '13 Consultation
GCNetwork and Last Mile Calling
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Ghana 2013 Consultation - September 25-28, 2013
Preparations continue for Ghana '13, a regional conference scheduled for September 25-28, 2013 in Accra, Ghana.  Ghana '13 expects to build on the theme of the  Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation, "Making Disciples of Every People In Our Generation". The Ghana Evangelical Missions Association, together with the Ghana Evangelization Center are hosting the event.  Information about Ghana '13, including program, registration, cost and more is available at www.ghana2013.org.  
National Discipleship Survey
The Global Great Commission Network exists to stimulate worldwide mission efforts that promote the making of disciples of every people in our generation.  At www.ggcn.org/discipleshipsurvey you can find a survey designed as a tool to aid in these efforts.  This national discipleship survey program is still in its beta-testing phase in the United States. We would like to see the survey translated and contextualized for other countries and people groups. What we are envisioning are national committees being established that will coordinate the survey at a country level. If you are interested in forming or participating in such a committee for your country, please let us know at [email protected]. 
GCNetwork and Last Mile Calling
The GCnetwork (GCn) rollout continues.  A growing number of networks have begun using the GCn for intra-agency communication among their leadership and several are beginning the process of implementing GCn as their primary communication tool across their membership.  We believe this will lead to greater interagency communication as members are successfully connecting with mission leaders from around the world.  We are excited about this project and encouraged that this is a tool that will encourage more people to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, AND COMMUNICATE within the mission community as calendar events are shared, causes are championed, projects are promoted and discussions are started.  GCnetwork facilitators are praying for additional individuals to serve on the Launch Team. If you have an interest in helping, the time to contribute to the development, and programming and web skills that you can offer, please contact [email protected].  Work is going forward to identify networks or associations interested in exploring how they can effectively manage their internal communications by utilizing GCn. Once a network or organization joins the GGn, they can invite their own members, establish and manage their own Groups, either Public for the purpose of education and exposure, or Private or even completely Hidden Groups for internal communication.  

The Last Mile Calling project anticipates moving from the beta-stage to full deployment in the next few months. We anticipate our programming needs will grow as our user base grows and requests new features. Therefore, we would like to build a team of programmers who can take on specific priority coding assignments on a volunteer basis. If you know anyone who might be interested in contributing to the world's first comprehensive social-networking site for unreached peoples, please email [email protected] or [email protected].

We are encouraged with several of the Global Great Commission Network initiatives as we see Great Commission practitioners get involved in many levels.  We are here to serve you and your ministry and we'd love to hear from you. 
In His Mission,
David Hupp
Global Great Commission Network - Coordinating Team