9th May 2016

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Lord Carter in conversation with Roy Lilley
King's Fund 18th May
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News and Comment from Roy Lilley
Next week the future of the NHS hangs in the balance.

Well, maybe not.  Maybe that is a bit dramatic.

Talks between the BMA and the DH restart over the outstanding bits and issues in the junior doctors' strike.

The outcome will depend on the extent to which either side is prepared to step down, back-off and surrender.

For the Tinkerman the stakes are high.  If he gives way to the BMA on the JDs, he will be seen as a soft touch for the consultants and every other group of AHPs whose contracts will have to be re-jiggled to accommodate the 7-day services promised in the Tory manifesto.  He can't give way.

The BMA have a huge problem.  They have have destroyed the reputation of the NHS as a cohesive, collegiate group of people working together for the common good and have reduced the NHS to the waring factions of the factory floor of the 1970's.  They dare not give an inch.  Who would pay to be a member if they lose?

Expect a fudge.

Negotiating to win; managers do it all the time, mums and families do it and everyone with half a candle of common sense realises... life is a compromise.

Negotiating; there are rules and there are ways of going about it.  Here's my guide on negotiating to win; The Streetwise Manager's version.  It breaks most of the rules.

The first few minutes of the encounter are pivotal.  It's all about conversational engagement and prosodic emphasis.  And, most important; mirroring the other side.

The other lot are sizing you up. The more you are like them the harder it is for them to figure out what you are like.  If you are them , they don't know what you are like.

Start with more than you will settle with.  This is your anchor point that you can return to.  You will be the only person who knows how much you will surrender.

Always go first; set out your stall.  It's all about that anchor point; anchoring the negotiations in your favour.

Demonstrate commitment and passion. Do not look like you are prepared to climb down, to compromise.  Don't be afraid to be angry, committed and determined.  The rightness of your case.    Show you have done the research, know your facts and have a clear understanding of what you are arguing for.

Take charge of the clock.  Set the agenda, create a sense of immediacy, urgency and 'must do'.  Make the time lines clear and show that after a certain time, all bets are off.

Put your data on the table.  Irrefutable facts and information.  Love bomb the other side with the information; making it hard to to rebut independent facts and figures.

That's the tough way to do it. The hard nose, hard edge to approaching negotiating to win.  It works.

There is another way.  Both sides ask themselves why are they here?  What is their purpose.  In our case it is the safety and certainly of patients.  The 200k patients, dumped, marooned, parked and left to fester on waiting lists.  No striking doctor could ever persuade me that collateral damage was a price worth paying.

Is it about the joy and pride of achievement in being the first health care system in the world that offers a truly, 7-day seamless NHS.

Is it about saying; never again, will hot heads and cold hearts stop our mouths doing what they are designed to do; talk. 
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