18th April 2016

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Niall Dickson Boss of the General Medical Council in conversation with Roy Lilley
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News and Comment from Roy Lilley
The Brexit-Bremain thing has begun.  The schools have gone back, flights and hotels are cheaper, it's a good time to get a postal vote and head for the beach. 
As I wrote back in February, I am somewhat miffed they have chosen 23rd June, my birthday, as the Referendum Day.  Notwithstanding, I had a sporting cock-shy at some of the issues then.
I know, I know... this is a pivotal time in our history and however we decide will define our nation for years ahead.
The first shots have been revealing.  Obama, Boris, Beefy; they are queueing up to have their say.
Staying-in, the status-quo, is the less sexy option.  'Nothing to see here, move on'.  Quitting has a frisson about it; more attractive for celebrities with an eye for the front page, to follow the van.
My simple rule; try and stick to the facts, the data and the statistics.  Sadly, in politics, it doesn't work.  People are prepared to look you in the eye and try to befuddle you.
The Brexits are at it already.
They recognize the NHS is as British as The Albion.  If you are appealing to an audience of 'patriots' what better way to start than with our NHS?  It was good enough for the opening of the Olympic Games; it must be good enough for curtain-up Brin-or-Brout. 
Gisela Stuart, who is, or was an MP and now co-chair of Vote-Leave, an eclipsed-Tory-man, Jon Redwood, Bike-Man-Boris and my local MP, Gove  have all said (to the effect);
"Every week we send 350m to Brussels. I'd rather that we control how to spend that money, and if I had that control I would spend it on the NHS."
Redwood went as far as identifying 10bn that we could spend on the NHS.  Other politicians are making a meal of the numbers, garnishing their Brout-messages.
Their subtext; 'We can't fund the NHS because we send our money to Europe'.  Wrong...
The NHS finances are going down the toilet because the Chancellor of the Exchequer has an entirely arbitrary policy that he will balance the books and have a surplus by 2020.  The consequence is austerity, cuts to public services and everyone trying to make a 1 do the work of two.
NHS funding is a domestic political choice, nothing to do with Europe.
Fortunately, we can turn to Aunty for the truth.  The BBC Fact-Checker
It turns out that the 350m we send to Brussels, that we might repatriate, is not even the right number.  

Strip out rebates, regional aid, help for research in universities and companies and development funding; you end up with just about 161m.  If we did leave we would probably have utilise some (or all) of that as part of any new trade deals we entered into.
My question; are these big-nobs of Brout careless, lazy, charlatans, liars, snake-oilers, deceivers, unthinking, idle, crooks, confused, knaves, scoundrels, swindlers, foot-pads, gongoozlers or just not up to the job?  
We are taking off into the future, flying blind.  Who can we trust?
The Brouts are even sprouting zombie statistics about cabbages!
They claim:
"Lord's Prayer - 66 words, 10 Commandments - 179 words, Gettysburg address - 286 words, EU regulations on the sale of cabbage - 26,911 words."
First, I should say there are 272 words not 286, in the Gettysburg address, but I will try not to turn into a pedant.
However, Aunty tells us there were under 2,000 words of regulations on the size and labelling of cabbages and they were repealed in 2009. Today, there are no regulations specifically about cabbages.
I have no reason to believe the Briners aren't just as capable of cozenage, cunning and cheating.

If politicians will try to bamboozle us about the NHS, we know enough to catch them out for gypers.  If they mislead us about money, defence, schools, migration and all the rest, how will we know?
How to vote?  

Sometimes your heart can hear better than your ears and see better than your eyes.  
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Late last night the Guardian published a story; the DH had changed he language.  'Introduced' a contract, instead of 'imposed'.  I have been saying for weeks Trusts are free to have what ever terms and conditions they see fit and the NHS&Community Care Act 1990 give the Secretary of State no power to over-ride that.  At last someone has woken up.  My guess is the JDs court case, scheduled for today will be struck out.
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Lord Carter of Coles
In discussion with Roy Lilley all about his report and the price of bog rolls!
The Human Tissue Act 
12 years on
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>>  I'm hearing - no one will speak about the last meeting between the BMA and NHS Employers.  Apparently, at the last meeting a paper was tabled that the BMA refused to sit and discuss.  They tried to leave and one of the NHS people jammed his foot in the door to try and keep them in the room.  Neither side are deny it.
>>  I'm hearing - more news about the Core Medical Training Programme, falling apart.  In the North East there has been a fall in cardiology applications of 75%.  I also hear the NW isn't doing too well either?
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