30th April  2015

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Sir Robert Francis

In conversation with Roy Lilley

Whistle-Blowing, Complaints, the CQC and Local Guardians   

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News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Reasons for getting up in the morning. There are five.


One; you are busting for a pee. Two; you have to get the kids off to school. Three; you are starving for a bacon sandwich. Four; you have to go to work, to earn the money, to pay the rent, to have a nice home, in a nice place... so you can't stay in the nice comfy warm bed you've been to work to pay for, even if you wanted to.


Number five... it is the secret reason. It is the reason that you probably wouldn't want to talk about. It is the reason deep inside you.


There are lots of reasons to go to work: you can use your skills; eat a different lunch every day, without having to cook; if you commute , it might mean 'me time' to read, study, listen to Stones and Roses, catch-up or write; you can take pictures; or have interesting conversations with people you like being with.


You might go just to find new ways of sticking it on the boss or hope to be there when the building burns down! You might go in the hope that you'll bump into 'you know who' at the water fountain. You might go to work to log-on to the internet to search for a new job or print out 200 copies of the club's league tables or fixture list.


There are lots of excuses for not going to work: I got arrested; headache; someone pinched the wheels off the car; the funeral parlour was broken into and granny's body has been stolen; the dog ate the car keys. Loadsa reasons.


Is money the main reason you go to work where you work? It's easy to say it is but with some careful detective work and a good scan of the jobs market you might be worth more money working elsewhere. Don't underestimate yourself.


Are you really motivated by money? There is a golden rule; he who has the gold makes the rules... whose rules do you want to play by? Half of all Lottery winners continue to go to work.


Maybe there is something in the idea that you go to work because you like the people you work with, you are good at the job and you like where you work. Behavioural psychologists refer to this as social reinforcement; the joy of a job well-done and a pat on the back for doing it. Have you had one (or given one) lately?


Why get up in the morning? The 5th secret reason? I think it's because you want to do a good job. I've never met anyone who came to work wanting to do a bad job, cut a corner or screw-up. More often than not it is the job that makes us do that. We do a bad job because there isn't the time and space, or enough people to do a good job. We cut a corner because we don't have the right things, kit, or stuff go around the corner.


We get up and come to work because we are proud of what we do. You do it because you have the courage to take on the challenge and because, inside you there is a passion to get it right for the people you serve and the colleagues you work with. It's OK to be proud of what you do.


It is the workplace, bad management and the rules and regulations that corrode all that.


We go out of our way to hire and train the best people we can find and set them adrift. We look for innovators, nimble, smart people and then put structures and systems in place to sap the energy and life forces from them.


We hire articulate people and refuse to listen to them. We employ people who bring experiences from elsewhere but when they tell us about the experiences they are having in our organisation, we turn our backs.


I think the secret reason people come to work is a burning desire to have a great day doing good stuff and go home feeling they have done the right thing.


All we have to do is to make sure they want to get up and come back and do it again tomorrow.


Sir Robert Francis, 

in conversation with Roy Lilley

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Sir Robert Francis
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