16th April  2015

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Sir Robert Francis

In conversation with Roy Lilley

Whistle-Blowing, Complaints, the CQC and Local Guardians   

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News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Nick Clegg wants to break up the NHS and charge people, using a European style insurance system. He said it in April 2010. He and his mates have form for saying it.


However, he doesn't say it now. Well, I don't think he does.   The LibDem manifesto is 158 pages. Health is on page 65 and finishes on page 77. It is dense, comprehensive and a very hard read. It melts yer eyeballs.


Page 67 is the list of the good stuff they have done and includes this little gem:


"The NHS is our most treasured public service. Liberal Democrats are committed to the founding principles of the NHS as a taxpayer funded system, free at the point of use..."


So, will Nick break up the NHS? What has changed his mind? Has he changed his mind? Would he break up the NHS given half a chance? Is it something he would trade-off, just to get back into his office in Downing St? Can we trust him?


Can we trust him? It's important to know because the way the polls are going he may hold some very valuable coalition cards.


Here's another good bit:


"Liberal Democrats are committed to repealing any parts of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 which make NHS services vulnerable to forced privatisation through international agreements on free markets in goods and services.


We will end the role of the Competition and Markets Authority in health, making it clear that the needs of patients, fairness and access always come ahead of competition, and that good local NHS services do not have to be put out to tender."


I dare say that will strike a chord with a lot of you.


My question is; why did Liberal Democrats, to a man and woman, vote for the Act in the first place. Why did Clegg put the arms of his Lords up their backs (and I know he did) to see the Bill through the Lords. Why did Ashdown rush to the Lords and make a last minute intervention encouraging the Lords to see the Bill through their Lordship's House.  Why did Shirley Williams bottle out?


Is this manifesto based on duplicity? It smells like it is. There is a distinctive and nasty whiff about it.  This manifesto, as detailed and comprehensive and thoughtful as it is (The passages on mental health are very welcome as is the commitment to public health) could well be entirely fraudulent, sham, pretended.


This is a man who says one thing and does another. This is a man who believed one thing, once, and changed his mind for no reason (that I can see) other than expedience.


This man and his mates might hold the balance of power and I tell you what; like Zaphod Beeblebrox said; 'I wouldn't trust them any further than I could spit a rat'.  


Sir Robert Francis,

in conversation with Roy Lilley 

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Sir Robert Francis
In conversation with Roy Lilley
18th May 2015
King's Fund
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