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*Special Announcement: Our New Meeting Place

by John & Kelly Sielski
Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to send out a friendly reminder, regarding the change in venue of our weekly, public meetings.  For the time being, we will not be meeting at The Inn at Reading.  The new and temporary address for our weekly gatherings is: 2025 Noble Street, West Lawn, PA 19609.  These meetings in Reading, PA will remain on Sundays @ 10AM.

So, come and join us for a wonderful time of fellowship and fresh revelation this coming Sunday morning, September 11th @ 10AM.  We are moving forward in The First Thunder, as noted in The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and onto The Fifth Element of The First Thunder, which is The First "Vial" or "Bowl".

Also, if you are interested in starting a Home Fellowship Group with us, in or outside of the Reading, PA region, please contact us.  Any day of the week is a possibility.  It doesn't just have to be on Sundays.  This is part of something the Lord put on our hearts back in 1996.  Even if it is out of state...  Take a step of faith with us.  Nothing is going to change on a local or national level, unless there are some crazy people who are in love with God and who are in love with one another; and willing to take a step of faith... together.  This is going to be, based on what the Father showed me in my heart back in 1996, a "Grass Roots Revolution".

If you love God, and have a deep, heart-hunger and thirst to understand the Truth of the Gospel of Grace, and the Great Mystery of "Christ in you, the hope of glory"; but you can't stand religion, and are tired and fed up with the politically and racially charged, main-line, main-stream, denom-inational, American "christianity"... then we will probably fit together just fine, even "more than just fine".

Also, please notice the change in our contact information below.  
Our Church Office number is now (484) 388-9164.  Our former office number of (610) 670-9305 is no longer in use.  Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all this Sunday, September 11th @ 10AM at our new venue, and to hearing from you!  Love and blessings in the Father's heart, always...


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John & Kelly Sielski
Colossians 1: 25-29
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