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Pacific Hospital PDA Announces:


Competitive Request for Proposals Process
for the 2015 Nimble Fund



SEATTLE, September 15, 2014 --  Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority (Pacific Hospital PDA) announces a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process for the 2015 Nimble Fund, totaling $300,000. Grants will be awarded to programs and projects working to increase access to health resources and reduce health disparities among underserved populations in the Puget Sound region.


Agencies can apply for up to $50,000 and must provide services in King County. Funding can be used for short-term projects, infrastructure/capacity development, planning, technology improvement, or training. Funding may be used as a bridge to support staff salaries during the project year only if there is a clear plan for ongoing future funding.


Agencies may submit applications for the Nimble Fund at any time. The Pacific Hospital PDA will announce grant awards on a quarterly basis until such time as the available pool of funding has been expended. The first round of awards will be announced in December 2014 for projects beginning in early 2015.


"Pacific Hospital PDA is excited to offer this new funding opportunity to agencies in King County. The Nimble Fund complements the PDA's larger grantmaking efforts by making smaller grants accessible to a wider range of programs that can directly reach communities in need," said PHPDA Executive Director Jeff Natter.


The 2015 Nimble Fund Grant Application and Guidance are now posted on the Pacific Hospital PDA's Applying for Grants website page.


The Pacific Hospital PDA is a champion for effective health care for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in the Puget Sound region. Since 2003, Pacific Hospital PDA has provided more than $17 million in funding for projects and programs to support health access and reduce health disparities. For more information on the Pacific Hospital PDA's grant history, visit

About Pacific Hospital PDA

PHPDA Building The Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority partners with community organizations to improve access to health care services in Seattle/King County.


In 1981, the City of Seattle chartered the Pacific Hospital PDA, placing in its trust the Pacific Hospital and surrounding campus, a historic Seattle landmark. The Pacific Hospital PDA leases the property. The lease revenues are used to increase access to health resources and to improve health outcomes in King County.

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