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Research to Inform Policy and Practice   
on Migration-Related Issues
Policy-related reports, studies, and information about the challenge and promise of immigrant integration. Materials organized by collection topic.
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frFeatured Research
President Emeritus of the Migration Policy Institute offers advice to policy makers on how to deal with "the gathering storm of negative public reaction to most immigration" 

As President Emeritus of the Migration Policy Institute and convener of the Transatlantic Council on Migration, Demetrios G. Papademetriou has a long and distinguished career promoting engaged scholarship on migration-related issues. In this essay, he reflects on the current challenges facing political leaders in the migration sphere and offers a number of recommendations designed to enable governments to regain public confidence in the management of migration. Without such confidence, he argues, governments will not be able to maintain an effective and responsive immigration system serving the interests of the entire nation. One of his key points is that governments, such as those in Australia and Canada, that exercise greater control over immigrant selection through point or employer-based system, seem to enjoy greater public support compared to governments, such as those in the European Union, that draw new permanent residents from sporadic but sometimes massive asylee flows. Compounding the problem for the EU is the challenge of dealing with those who "game the (asylum) system."  Too many "economic migrants," he suggests, melt into

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A group of young Muslim women in New Jersey speak out about the day-to-day challenges of observing hijab in America

Presentation about a successful program in New York City promoting dialogue between adult ESL students and native-born college students and community volunteers

lcLatest Commentary
A selection of recent OpEds from immigration researchers and major opinion leaders

Amanda Frost, The Atlantic
Elizabeth Preza, Alternet
Julianne Hing, The Nation
Terry Newell, Huffington Post
Ali Noorani, The Hill
Michele Waslin, American Immigration Council
Malcolm Turnbull, Sydney Morning Herald

National Immigrant Integration Conference, National Partnership for New Americans, Nashville, TN, December 11-13, 2016
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