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Research to Inform
Policy and Practice on
Migration-Related Issues
Policy-related reports, studies, and information about the challenge and promise of immigrant integration.
Materials organized by collection topic.
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Featured Research
Paper critiques the "skills gap" thesis in workforce education and urges the reintroduction of a social justice perspective in adult education
This paper by Erik Jacobson, Associate Professor of Education at Montclair State University, questions the reigning orthodoxy in the workforce development field, as reflected in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) passed by Congress on a bipartisan basis in 2014. WIOA posits the existence of a "skills gap" between the hiring requirements of employers and the supply of qualified workers to meet those requirements. Not only does the author marshal evidence to challenge this assumption, he also questions whether the purpose of adult education should be solely to meet the needs of employers. Jacobson cites the "disproportionate growth in low-skill, low-wage work that started in the 1990s," a decrease in

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New Public Policy Research and Reports

Economic Development, Employment, and Labor Issues 
Study examines the factors associated with occupational injury or illness among immigrant day laborers

New Videos uploaded to the Portal YouTube Channel

Promising Practice:  University of North Florida students reach out to local refugees

David Lubell, Executive Director of Welcoming America, delivers a TED talk in Berlin, Germany, on "Migration - Why We Need to Talk to Strangers"

Latest Commentary
A selection of
recent Blogs and OpEds
from immigration researchers and major opinion leaders

Richard Reeves, Esquire
Walter Ewing, American Immigration Council
Martin O'Malley, Huffington Post 
Richard M. Perloff, Cleveland Plain-Dealer
Wendy Feliz, American Immigration Council 
James Zogby, The National 
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