FEBRUARY 22, 2016    
Policy-related reports, studies, and information about the challenge and promise of immigrant integration. Materials organized by collection topics. Click on headlines for abstracts and links.
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Third International Cities of Migration Conference: Diversty Drives Prosperty, Global Diversity Exchange, Ryerson University, Toronto, March 2, 2016

18th National Metropolis Conference: Getting Results - Migration, Opportunities and Good Governance, Ryerson University and other collaborating organizations, Toronto, March 3-5, 2016

Community Resilience: Evolving Perspectives and Approaches to Migration, American Red Cross, Washington, DC, March 16, 2016

Welcoming Interactive, Welcoming America, Atlanta, GA, April 19-21, 2016


Although most immigration law scholars think that President Obama's deferred action programs fall within the Executive's statutory and constitutional authority, a difference of opinion has emerged over the use of the term "lawfully present" to refer to beneficiaries of the DAPA program. In a blog post, Michael Kagan, Associate Professor at the University of Nevada's Boyd School of Law, warned that the Supreme Court could fixate on that term, which appears in the administration's original memorandum on the subject, as a sign of executive overreach, and rule in favor of the State of Texas and other litigants who have argued that the President has arrogated to himself a power that belongs to Congress. Wrote Kagan, "it seems as if the Executive Branch is trying to make lawful something that Congress has made unlawful."
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The top 10 countries in the world with the largest number of foreign-born residents
This video tells the story of a Guatemalan immigrant deported from the U.S. and separated from his citizen wife and three children.  


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