JANUARY 21, 2016    
Policy-related reports, studies, and information about the challenge and promise of immigrant integration. Materials organized by collection topics.Click on headlines for abstracts and links.
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Immigrants in Health Care:  Keeping Americans Healthy through Care and Innovation, Immigrant Learning Center, Webinar, January 28, 2016, 2:30 pm est


2016 Ready America Conference, Immigration Advocates Network, Arlington, VA, February 3-5, 2016  


Third International Cities of Migration Conference: Diversty Drives Prosperty, Global Diversity Exchange, Ryerson University, Toronto, March 2, 2016

18th National Metropolis Conference: Getting Results - Migration, Opportunities and Good Governance, Ryerson University and other collaborating organizations, Toronto, March 3-5, 2016

Welcoming Interactive, Welcoming America, Atlanta, GA, April 19-21, 2016

Featured Report 
White House Task Force on New Americans releases one-year progress report

In April of 2015, the White House Task Force on New Americans published its strategic action plan to advance the civic, economic, and linguistic integration of new Americans.  At the time of the plan's release, the President requested the 16 executive departments, agencies, and White House offices participating on the Task Force to report on their progress in implementing the 16 goals and 48 recommendations in the plan by the end of the year. This report is the result of that review process. Among the accomplishments to date have been: spearheading the development of the Building Welcoming Communities Campaign which now counts 48 cities and counties as members; developing an AmeriCorps program deploying some 150 volunteers to assist with refugee resettlement work around the country; launching the Small Business Administration's "Made it in America"

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