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ASPHN is a nonprofit membership organization that provides national and state leadership on food and nutrition policy, programs and services.


Our Vision

Creating new environmental norms where healthy eating and active living are the easy and natural choices.


Our Mission

ASPHN develops leaders in public health nutrition who strengthen policy, programs and environments making it possible for everyone to make healthy food choices and achieve healthy, active lifestyles.

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Message from ASPHN's Past-President 
Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners,

Dear ASPHN Members,
My term as president was lively, challenging and educational!  It was a very exciting year.  We accomplished so much through all of your hard work and dedication. 

One of our challenges over the last year was to keep ASPHN strong and to achieve our goals with less funding, especially in the area of consultant support.  I believe we met this challenge beautifully!  Many of you stepped up and took on new job duties in your role as Board and committee members.  The support of our consultants is invaluable; their guidance over the years made this transition easier. 

ASPHN is a wonderful resource for public health nutritionists across the country.  Through every meeting, webinar and publication that ASPHN provides to its membership I gain valuable knowledge.  I believe participation in ASPHN activities builds strong, well-informed nutritionists who serve together to improve the health of our nation.

As my term as president has come to and end, I am proud to share with you many of ASPHN's accomplishments over the last year.  The following Annual Report highlights a number of new ASPHN publications, stories, partnerships and many exciting projects.
The critical role that ASPHN plays in the field of public health nutrition is vital to the health of our nation.  Our Association will continue to meet the challenges that lie ahead through the work of our dedicated members.  I would like to personally thank each member and consultant for your hard work over the last year.  THANK YOU!
I am looking forward to working with our 2015 - 2016 Board and with all of ASPHN's fabulous members in the coming years to continue our work and to become a stronger voice for public health nutritionists.  I invite you all to get involved and be as active an ASPHN member as you can!

Heidi Scarpitti, RD, LD
ASPHN President 2014 - 2015

2014 - 2015 Highlights
ASPHN Publications and Products
Over the last year, ASPHN has developed a number of papers and success stories.  These resources provide invaluable tools for our members and partners.  They also feature the important programs and projects that our members are leading in their states.  You can find ASPHN's recent publications and documents all on the ASPHN Publications webpage.   Here are the highlights from the last year:

ASPHN Member Success Stories 
We love sharing our members' successes!  Over the last year, we profiled  more of our members' great work.  Our goal with these stories is to give members new ideas for projects and programs they can replicate in their states.  We also seek to highlight the important role that public health nutritionists are playing in changing policies, systems and environments around the country.

In the last year, we added four new maternal and child health success stories to our story bank.  We profiled Suzanne Haydu's work in California to support systems and environmental change programs and the New Hampshire WIC staff's baby behavior trainings to help home visiting staff promote breastfeeding.  We also highlighted the work that Angie Tagtow led in Iowa to promote healthy eating through food gardening and produce donations and Leslie Lewis' project in Louisiana to incorporate nutrition education in the state's home visiting programs.
We also completed four new obesity prevention stories, including Creating Healthy Communities programs in Ohio and Arkansas, Bringing Salad Bars to Schools in Michigan, and a Locally Grown Produce Initiative in New York State.

Federally Funded Nutrition Programs in Obesity Prevention
The ASPHN Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Council and the Obesity Prevention Nutrition Council developed and distributed a Matrix of the Role of Federally-Funded Nutrition Programs in Obesity Prevention.  The Matrix lists strategies for obesity prevention and the role that different programs, including WIC, SNAP-Ed, and CDC's 1305 funding program, play in implementing those strategies.
Incorporating Nutrition in the New National Performance Measures 
The ASPHN MCH Nutrition Council released a draft brief,  Incorporating Nutrition into the New Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant National Performance Measures.  The purpose of the brief is to give states ideas on how they can incorporate nutrition into the National Performance Measures as one of the required Evidence Based Strategies.
Affordable Care Act References
The ASPHN Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Council developed and distributed the Affordable Care Act: Select Reference SourcesThis reference includes a sampling of print and electronic resources that present information on the nutrition and preventative services provisions in the Affordable Care Act.  The Council developed this reference to give state level public health nutritionists key information to help them implement health reform policies.  The federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau provided support for the Council to develop this document. 
Partnership Grant 
In October 2013, CDC-DNPAO awarded ASPHN a Healthy Places for Kids to Eat grant.  This three-year program brings together partners to place more salad bars in schools, implement nutrition standards in schools and child care centers, and expand farm to school  and farm to preschool programs.  ASPHN's role is to  facilitate the program and help connect state teams and national partners. 

Pediatric Obesity Nutrition Mini CoIIN
Four states, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, are participating in the Pediatric Obesity Mini CoIIN, or Collaborative Improvement and Innovative NetworkCoIINs are known to achieve results quickly in response to complex health problems.  The teams include state departments of health and education, university extension programs, early childhood associations, Headstart associations and many others.  This CoIIN is working to increase the percentage of children aged two to five years who are in a healthy weight range.  The CoIIN's focus is on nutrition and physical activity-related early childcare and education policies and practices.

ChangeLab Solutions Rural Obesity Project   
ASPHN is partering with ChangeLab Solutions to assess and develop obesity prevention strategies to meet the unique needs of rural communities.  In January 2015, our organizations hosted a Rural Obesity Prevention Policy Roundtable in St. Louis, MO.  We brought together 27 leaders from 20 states to discuss obesity prevention strategies that work in rural communities. 

From that gathering, Change Lab Solutions compiled a meeting highlights report, created three fact sheets and a slide deck with examples of successful obesity prevention strategies from rural communities and presented at the ASPHN 2015 Annual Meeting.

Engaged Members
ASPHN Policy Committee
The Policy Committee was involved in a number of important national issues over the last year.  The Committee sent two e-alerts to all ASPHN members asking them to submit comments on the new Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) education recommendations.  The Committee endorsed 21 letters from our partners supporting key nutrition-related issues.  The Policy Committee also submitted seven original documents commenting on the Title V Block grant revisions, Dietary Guidelines and the proposed CACFP rule, among other issues. 

Getting the word out about ASPHN to bring in more members
The ASPHN Membership, Communication and Outreach Committee developed a membership recruitment one-pager designed to inspire prospective members to join ASPHN.   You can download it here and use the one-pager to talk with your colleagues! 
In the last year, ASPHN increased its social media presence, with the help of a social media intern.  We now have 134 Facebook likes and 23 Twitter followers!

ASPHN now has a $25 student membership category.  Graduate students can now join as an Associate Member at this reduced rate. 
What's Ahead
We are very excited about the many opportunities on which we will capitalize in the year ahead.  Here are a few examples:

Promoting the Role and Value of Public Health Nutritionists
ASPHN's Sound Bite project makes it easy and simple to convey the important roles that public health nutritionists play.  We now have a menu of Sound Bites that you can incorporate into your conversations and your writing.  These Sound Bites can help you to easily share with colleagues and partners key components and values of public health nutritionists' work.  We will soon have a new poster explaining  the Sound Bites.

We are expanding on this effort and matching each of our public health nutrition Sound Bites with a success story that we have written profiling our members' important work in their states.  We are excited to culminate the project with short videos that will highlight the work of a public health nutritionist that exemplifies each Sound Bite. 

We'll be encouraging you to spread the word about public health nutrition: See It, Say It, Share It!  We'll keep you posted as we finalize these fun new tools.

Expanding mentoring relationships 
ASPHN's new Mentoring Task Force is charged with helping our members build mentoring relationships with each other as public health nutritionists.  The Task Force will hold a 90-minute book club call on the value of being a mentor.  We will also share with our members existing mentoring programs for public health nutritionists.  Finally, we will lead a training session at the 2016 Annual Meeting for members who could be mentors as well as emerging leaders.

Nutrition internships for minority students
ASPHN will be collaborating with the Directors of Health Promotion and Education (DHPE) on a project to place students attending minority-serving universities and institutions in 12-week internships with state and local health agencies.  These internships will focus on nutrition and other health promotion topics.  DHPE, like ASPHN, is an affiliate of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). 
New online training certificate
ASPHN is partnering with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AN&D) to offer a new online public health nutrition training certificate.  ASPHN will develop this certificate of training, and AN&D will offer the course on its frequently-used online training system.  The course will be open to both members and non-members of AN&D.  

New WIC public health nutrition course
Also in the year ahead, ASPHN
will work with the National WIC Association (NWA) to develop a module on public health nutrition for NWA's  Leadership Academy.  ASPHN will advise NWA leaders as they develop the curriculum for this new course. 

ASPHN Liaison Corps      
The purpose of the Liaison Corps is to expand ASPHN's influence.  To be more effective, ASPHN maintains regular contact with a variety of nutrition and public health organizations around the country.  The Liaison Corps focuses on sharing ASPHN's goals, objectives, and activities with these organizations and learning the same about our partner groups.  Liaisons identify areas for networking, coordination and collaboration to expand our impact on public health nutrition issues.  Below is a list of the members who are active liaisons with other public health nutrition organizations.
Alison Conneally (NY), Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - Public Health / Community Nutrition Practice Group  
Leslie Lewis (LA), Action for Healthy Kids 
Michelle Futrell (NC), Affiliate Council Health Reform Workgroup  
Helen Brown (ID), American Public Health Association - Food and Nutrition Section

Heidi Scarpitti (OH), ASTHO Affiliate Council 
Becky Adams (AR), ASTHO Prevention Policy Committee  
Jennifer Young (OR), CSPI Food Marketing Workgroup  
Carole Garner (AR), National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity   
Mary Ann Ellsworth (NJ), National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance

Kim LaCroix (OR), National Salt Reduction Initiative
Linda Scovern (OH), Physical Activity Society 
Robin Stanton (OR) and Suzanne Haydu (CA), United States Breastfeeding Committee     
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ASPHN 2014 - 2015 Board Members      

Heidi Scarpitti, RD, LD (OH), President  

Kim DeDino, MS, RD, LD, (OH) President-Elect

Suzanne Haydu, MPH, RD (CA), Immediate Past President

Doris Montgomery, MS, RD, LD (IA), Secretary

Donna McDuffie, MPH, CPH, RDN, LN, Treasurer

Patrice Isabella, MS, RD, CLE (UT), Director at Large and Chair, Governance Committee  

Leslie Lewis, MPH, RD, LDN, (LA) Director at Large and Chair, Collaboration Committee

Paola Vélez, MBA, RD, CD (UT), Director at Large and Co-Chair, Communications Committee    

Kimberly LaCroix, MPH, RD, (OR) Director at Large and Co-Chair, Communications Committee    

Michelle Futrell, MS, RD, LDN (NC), Director at Large and Chair, Policy Committee     

Amy Koren-Roth, MS, RDN, CDN (NY), Board Member and Chair, National Council of Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Coordinators 

Robin Stanton, MA, RD, LD (OR), Board Member and Chair, Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Council      

Peggy Trouba, MPH, RD, (NE), Board Member and Chair-Elect, Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Council       

Becky Adams, MPH, RD, LD, CDE (AR), Board Member and Chair, Obesity Prevention Nutrition Council

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ASPHN Consultants  
Karen Probert, MS, RD, Executive Director  
814 255-2829 ext. 1019  

Cynthia Atterbury, MPA, RD, LDN, Director of Operations  

814 255-2829 ext. 1001 

Joan M. Atkinson, MS, RD, Director of Special Projects

207 446-3823  

Lynda Alfred, Consultant

970 252-3783 


Allison McGuigan, Consultant

970 527-5160     


Amber Phipps, MS, Consultant

Sandy Perkins, MS, RD, LD, Consultant